5 Business Travel Insurance Mistakes Nigerians Make

In business travel insurance, so many people don’t even read the terms and conditions before purchasing a business travel insurance. They are so anxious that they forget to read the print over and over again. In obtaining a business travel insurance, it is important for people to ask questions based on anything they don’t understand.

Nigeria business travel insurance

5 common business travel insurance mistakes

  1. Not purchasing enough coverage

Many countries want visitors to acquire business travel insurance before arriving the border. Of course, the type of business travel insurance that is mandatory is often the simplest type of coverage available. The problem is that when catastrophe strikes, ordinary coverage is often not enough. Exclusions and low limits on coverage can make an enormous difference when it reaches the time for you to get your money for a claim. Make sure to look at the exemptions before you register. If you plan on doing any risky activities while you’re away, let your insurance firm be aware and purchase a rider for your safety.

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  1. Procrastination

Many travelers feel careless to think about business travel insurance up to the day of the trip. By then, it will become too late to pin down a plan. Luckily, there are many business travel insurance companies out there who are ready to give coverage to travelers who have already reached their destinations. When it has to do with travel insurance, the old adage rings true: better late than never. If you contact a disease or involved in an accident, assistance from a business travel insurance company can save the day for you.

  1. Drinking too much

Many travel insurance policies have provisions that permit a business travel insurance company to reject a claim. if there is adequate evidence to suggest that the traveler was drinking at the time of the accident. The loophole makes sense. After all, drinking in a foreign land is a dangerous proposition. You could get lost. Or, criminals could target you and steal your possessions. If you are going to drink while abroad, do it from the safety of a hotel room.

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  1. Lying during the application process

If you have pre-existing health conditions, tell your business travel insurance company. They will get a provision attached to your travel insurance plan. Otherwise, if an emergency happens related to your condition and you find yourself in the hospital, you’ll have to pay for everything out-of-pocket. Adding a provision to your insurance plan will drive up your travel insurance cost up a bit. But being honest could save you a ton of money if your health condition gets worse while you are away.

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  1. Opting to not get travel insurance at all

The worst thing that you can do is choose to not get business travel insurance at all. Yet, thousands of travelers freely go abroad unsecured. Even a small amount of coverage can make a vast difference if things don’t well while you’re on vacation. Remember: the health care plan that you got through your employer probably won’t work when visiting a foreign land.