5 Known Facts About Travel Medical insurance in Nigeria

Are you searching for Travel medical insurance in Nigeria? These are 5 important facts about Travel medical insurance in Nigeria that you must know and they are listed below.

Travel medical insurance in Nigeria

5 Important facts on Travel medical insurance

  1. Emergency evacuation isn’t the best option

Travel medical insurance plans reimburse for emergency evacuation for severe health situations. But when an emergency evacuation isn’t available or isn’t the sensible course of action. You can still get repaid for medical costs if you need medical help in overseas. The disadvantage of not being conveyed to a hospital in your insurance system is to pay the initial bill yourself.

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  1. Repatriation is not the same thing as medical evacuation

If your travel medical insurance plan will pay for medical evacuation, that doesn’t certainly mean that will be going home. If you need to go to a hospital. This implies the insurance company will pay for you to be conveyed to the nearest hospital that will accept you. Repatriation means the insurance company will fly you back to Nigeria if you have an emergency medical problem.

  1. Travel insurance covers foot worms

Always remember to wear shoes if you are on vacation in Guatemala. If you go walking around in Guatemala’s mud. You may wake up the following day to find worms wriggling around beneath the skin of your feet.

According to Sarah McMillian, travel medical insurance covered the trip’s charges to nearest clinic that will kill off the parasites. If you travel to an interesting country and come down with a strange parasite, travel health insurance will treat it.

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  1. If you were drunk during the time you had an accident, the insurance company may deny your claim

When visiting a strange land, it makes sense to stay clear-headed. Criminals attack on new tourists, it’s also easy to get misplaced or have an accident while under the influence.

Due to the additional risk involved with taking alcohol abroad. Some travel medical insurance firms will reject your claim if they verify you drank all through the time of your accident. If you want to drink, make sure it is being done in a safe place.

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  1. Most travel health insurance companies will deny mental health-related claims

If you can’t verify that you had a physical injury in the course of your vacation. You will be unlikely to get your statement approved by a travel medical insurance company. If you have someone that has depression problems, be sure to get checked by a psychological health professional before traveling.