ABJcoin: 9 Powerful Reasons Why You Must Invest Into ABJcoin Instead of Bitcoin or other Altcoins

9 Reasons Why You Must Invest Into ABJcoin Instead of Bitcoin or other Altcoins. 

This post upholds the rightful claim the investing into ABJcoin, Nigerian first decentralized cryptocurrency holds a very high future value and can be said to have  Real Asset In The MarketPlace.

It’s no new news that the cryptocurrency is the best investment to go into right now. The gradually and global acceptance of cryptocurrency within the past 2 years had cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin an increase in return of investment over of 5000% and still approaching more than landed properties.

Let’s do the mathematics here.

  1. A portion of land in Lekki in 2013 that worth 10 million naira will today (2017) be valued around 50 to 100 million naira.
  2. But Bitcoin value of 10 million in 2013, will today in 2017 be valued at Over 3 Billion Naira at a market price of $4000 per BTC by 360/$ conversion

price of bitcoin in 2013

Price of Bitcoin between January 3rd 2013 and Sept. 5, 3017

The above Values are established facts with this, not investing into Crypto right now is one of the investment mistakes you must Avoid.

What about Ethereum COIN, Litecoin and the rest? Their various prices have skyrocketed that average Person now is looking for a cheap coin with good future prospects to throw money into.

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That’s where the big problem comes in.

Here is the Problem

The price of bitcoin is over 1.4 Million naira at the moment, and buying just 1BTC with just a heavy amount won’t be a smart way to invest into Cryptocurrency.

ABJ Coin, being Nigeria first decentralized cryptocurrency with Blockchain solution just like Bitcoin is here to give you a second chance to undo the investment mistake of 2013.

At the moment, 1 ABJcoin is trading at $0.50 (Less than $1, Sept 2017) which is valued at 180 Naira. Now;

  1. 1 Bitcoin is projected to trade at $10,000 by the end of 2017 while 1 ABJcoin is projected to trade at $5 in the Marketplace by the end of 2017

Using 1.4 million naira cash value at hand to compare which way to go,

  1. 1 BTC will mount to $10,000 which is about 3.6 million naira by the end of 2017, while
  2. 4 Million naira will purchase 8000 ABJcoins will be valued at 14,400,000 when traded at $5 per ABJcoin.

Now, all things being equal and having the various market trends go well by the end of 2017 at 360/$ rate

You will be making a whopping sum of 10,800,000 profit if you invest into ABJcoin right now.

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Having said all these and looking at the two investment opportunities at hand and a real asset in the marketplace, ABJcoin is definitely the way forward for every smart investor.

ABJcoin holds a very good fortune right now and not investing into it is one gavial mistake you wouldn’t want to take.

It is the first of its’ kind in Nigeria and it has come to stay

You must get into the ABJcoin trend, as it’s one of the real assets in the cryptocurrency marketplace right now.

As a Nigerian, Here are

abjcoin in nigeria


9 Reasons Why You Must Invest Into ABJcoin instead of Other Altcoins

  1. Local merchants in Nigeria will eventually adopt ABJcoin as a means of exchange which give it an advantage over other alt coins in the country. This means you can use ABJcoin to buy goods and services in Nigeria, unlike other alt coins that can only be traded.
  2. The return of investment opportunity if very high as it’s about to change the stories of many Nigerian, Africa and the global world at large.
  3. ABJcoin is tailored at solving all the hitches in the financial sectors, giving ever Nigerian power over their money and serving as a smart investment opportunity for foreigners. (Just as Naira represent Nigeria in the fiat currency market, ABJcoin will represent Nigeria at the international cryptocurrency market) as and definitely going to uphold and upgrade the value of Naira when converted to fiat.
  4. With ABJcoin ATM card and machines, you can withdraw your ABJcoin at any of the ATM machines made available nationwide. (First in Africa).
  5. You get the happy opportunity of becoming a miner of ABJcoin if you want. See guide here if you want to become an ABJCoin miner.
  6. Robust supporting and tutorials on HOW-TO-ANYTHING concerning ABJcoin. So, the issues of technicalities won’t’ be a problem.

The advantages of investing into ABJcoin are too many to start recounting, so, the best way to go about it right now is to invest.

So, what are you waiting for?

Click here now and invest into ABJcoin, the money of the future.

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