Blockchain Technology In Africa: ABJCOIN to save Africa from Economy Doom!

What’s New In The Blockchain Technology In Africa? ABJCOIN Or Not?

Cryptocurrency has been around for almost a decade now and so far, Africa is way behind in the Blockchain technology

Good or Bad new?


Reasons being that the cryptocurrency era is here and Blockchain technology has been the power house of most cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and the rest of the other continents are at the top of their games with the Blockchain technology, and Africa is still behind.

One critical problem that some African countries will face if the Blockchain technology industry is not embraced right now is that is will suffer at the international market for some of its resources like Gold, Diamond and crude oil.

Who would want to invest into Gold, diamond, and others knowing that the Value of Bitcoin, Abjcoin and other Altcoins will appreciate better than land, gold and can be traded at the higher profit rate than oil in the international market without much stress? Yes, the crypto industry is gained so much weight since 2016 which was influenced by Bitcoin and many top economies will be affected if they don’t embrace the Blockchain Technology right now.

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Come to think of it, why is there no Bitcoin Mining machine in the whole of Africa? Well, I don’t have any concrete answer to that question, but I know one thing is for sure.

The power system in Africa is too poor to handle a Bitcoin mining machine in Africa.

Let Me Hit Some Punch Lines Below About Abjcoin

  • Having seen all these, the ABJcoin, being NIGERIA/AFRICA FIRST Blockchain technology solution is here to solve that problem as you can mine ABJcoin with just your internet and then, convert it to Bitcoin for profit.
  • The hurdles of investing heavily into power and energy won’t be significant except in other industries but definitely not for ABJcoin as it’s not dependent on power
  • Everyone with ABJcoin becomes a miner provided you are open on the network
  • ABJcoin to become the central currency to represent Nigerian Naira, Ghana Cedi, Kenyan Shilling South African Rand and the rest of other African currency, meaning you can swap and withdraw any money from one solution. All African fiat currencies in one place.

The Way Forward for Nigerian and African Economy with ABJcoin

abjcoin blockchain technology

Below are some core reasons why Nigerian banks and all the financial sectors in Africa must adopt ABJcoin Blockchain technology right away

  • The Nigerian banks and other African banks will be adopting this solution will save the African fiat currencies the doom of losing its value in the international market
  • With the Africans coming in mass to grow the user base of ABJcoin, the value of ABJ cryptocurrency will appreciate against the dollar, Pounds, Euros through Bitcoin to which is now a global payment and transaction technology.
  • The crash of African resources like Gold, Diamond, Crude oil and lots more will have a route to appreciate it values through ABJcoin
  • With the central bank of Nigeria getting on board now at the infant stage, more profit will be made into the national treasury as the coin expands its tentacles.

If you would want to know more about ABJcoin, please see the ABJcoin white paper.

God bless Africa.

First Published on Entrepreneur Nigeria blog.