TatCoin: All You Need to Know About ABIT Network and its Ecosystem in Brief – Press Release


The statistics shows that most Africans share the same experiences of poverty, just in different levels.

From Uganda to Cape Verd. from Lagos to Addis Ababa, hunger and stagnation, frustration and pain are essentially all same. you meet people every day who wake up beaming with joy believing that “today” is their day to make it. They go to bed praying and believing tomorrow will be better.

No country in Africa is better, or more enviable. we only have third world countries with third world problems and struggles. 

Why Decentralised solutions are needed for Africa’s development.

There are plenty of problems that need solving in Africa, if Africa will be truly developed. The first is ensuring that basic human

needs are taken care for. people need to be able to access basic things like accommodation (if you go to Lagos today, you will be shocked at the level of homelessness in a city like that), access to affordable food and clothes, opportunity to enjoy recreation, access to health care services, employment opportunities, and with all this, an opportunity to access funds and move funds fast and securely. 

when people have their basic needs handled, they can then bother about tech advancement. 

 These problems potentially can also be solved with a few key principles that are inherent to blockchain, such as transparency, and decentralization. From elections to international remittance, as well as energy services and alternatives to banking; Africa has many broken systems that could be fixed by new technology.

the government CANNOT fix Africa, which is why decentralization is very important for our continent. The people have lost faith in the government. The government have invested in taxing the people and delivering nothing. we all have to rise up and build the Africa we want our children to live, work and play in. 

There are three quick facts you should be aware of;

  1. Much of Africa’s 1.2 billion population remains unbanked, according to the World Bank.
  2. This makes the continent a ripe target for blockchain technology aimed at financial inclusion.
  3. Africa’s population is on the rise, and with population comes consumption. This means more people will have needs and will need to satisfy those needs, creating the largest consumer market in the world. 

Imagine for one moment you can get access to housing, investments, shopping, games and music, and payment on a secured, and decentralized system. Africa will certainly become great. 

How Abit Is Stepping Into Drive Change

An opportunity, new insight, financial freedom and most importantly a community for everyone. ABiT network is offering this and more. We are leading the decentralized movement in Africa leveraging on blockchain technology to make life easier for everyone. This movement is great and is envisioned to create massive change. We will serve the African market with opportunities to live, play and work. 

We created few products that’ll help us achieve our vision. 

ABiT Crowd-

With ABiT crowd for the first time African’s can invest in real estate with whatever they have and with ease and transparency. 

we are empowering Africans with the opportunity to become landowners and real estate investors. 

As you will find out in our white paper, with ABiT Crowd we source for real estate properties, negotiate the best deal possible, and crowdfund for purchase. we will also go-ahead to take care of the investment, perform periodical valuations that will be published on the platforms for investors to watch their investment grow. Because of our focus on ease of engagement and disengagement, investors can buy and sell shares to property almost instantly on our website or app.


We are creating the first Cryptocurrency education and mentorship system in Africa. with our system, students can easily understand, trade and analyze cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology generally. we are creating a flexible educational system, as well as offering organized knowledge that will help African’s take advantage of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. In ABiTrader we also offer trade insights and analyses to our students that will help them stay profitable while trading. we We are also creating a community of traders where trade can happen faster, smooth and better. 

ABiT Play

All work without play will make Gaius Chibueze a dull man. if you follow me on my WhatsApp you will observe that as much as i love work, i also love play. So we created ABiTPlay, an entertainment and recreational platform with products like games, music and movie streaming services. while people can have fun on this platform, they can equally earn money on this platform.

ABiT Discount Shopper

Because we are concerned with creating value for everyone in Africa. We created a discount shopping platform, where Africans can buy all products for daily consumption, at a heavily discounted price. 

ABiT Rep

We created an affiliate marketing system where people can earn heavily, for just believing in our products, using our products, talking about them,  and getting there people to believe in them and talk about them too.

we have more products coming, and we are sure to change the way Africans Live in Africa significantly. think the Opay in Nigeria, but advanced and powered by blockchain.

The Token that will change everything. (Tatcoin)

For our huge and growing community of brand believers, customers, and influencers , we have created a  utility token called the Tatcoin. This utility token is focused on simplifying payment processes for goods and services and would be available to every user on the ABiT network. This means that using Tatcoin on the ABiT platform would include discounted rates on every product and service. Services such as real estate, payments, shopping, entertainment, and the likes would be bought at highly discounted rates thereby simplifying the quality of life for everyone. 

This token is the change we have been waiting for. Our very own token that can be accepted everywhere in the world. 

Decentralization needs collaboration to work

Change starts with you and I but greater change happens when we act together. Decentralization is not a day’s business and as we all know; little drops create a bigger ocean. In other to see massive change, we have to work together to introduce, monitor and create communities garnered towards the change we desire. ABiT has beautiful plans and products that can easily help the cryptocurrency industry in Africa experience massive interest, adoption and growth, but ABiT cannot do it alone. An Africa wide campaign is only possible if our friends in Tanzania, Cameroun, Ghana, Italy, etc, will join hands with us to create platforms, communities, and products that will bring change faster. 

the Chinese are invading Africa, the Germans, Americans, Britons, and Arabians are invading Africa. they have the purchasing power, with and force. And we are up for possible pseudo colonialism. Individually we cannot match these people money for money, team for team, intelligence for intelligence. But when we all pull energies together, we become a force. if they are talking, 5 million dollars, we can go above and beyond because of collaboration. this is the time to line up behind African Projects, this is the time to prove that Africa is ours and will always be our.



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