UBA Profile – About, Employees, Net Worth, Founders, And All You Need To Know

UBA Company Profile – About, Employees, Net Worth, Founders, And All You Need To Know


UBA company profile

UBA stands for United Bank for Africa. It is a Nigerian financial institution that has catered to the financial needs of Nigerians since its inception. Here is all you need to know about the UBA company profile.

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To understand the UBA company profile, you have to start from scratch. The United Bank for Africa was established in the year 1949. It was first called the British and French Bank Limited (BFB). On the 23rd of February 1969 however, United Bank for Africa became integrated as a limited liability company under the Compliance Ordinance (Cap 37) 1922.

They eventually took over the assets and liabilities of the British and French Bank.  United Bank for Africa merged later with Standard Trust Bank (STB) Plc. Standard Trust Bank was a Nigerian institution that had a subsidiary in Ghana. They eventually merged bank maintained the name United Bank for Africa.

Their product and services include Internet banking, Mobile Banking, Wholesale Banking, Corporate Banking, Investment Banking, Consumer Banking, Collections, Treasury, Trade Finance, Savings Accounts, Current Accounts, Domiciliary Accounts, Non-Resident African Banking, Money Transfer, Debit Cards and a host of others.

United Bank for Africa has several subsidiaries in several countries in Africa and beyond. Some of their subsidiaries

  • United States as UBA New York Inc. They have shares of one hundred.
  • United Kingdom as UBA United Kingdom Limited. They have shares of one hundred.
  • France as UBA France S.A. They have shares amounting to hundreds.
  • Nigeria as UBA Nigeria Limited. UBA Nigeria has shares amounting to one hundred.
  • Benin Republic as UBA Benin. They have shares of eighty eighty-four Faso as UBA Burkina Faso. They own sixty-four shares.
  • Cameroon as UBA Cameroon S.A. They own one hundred shares.
  • Chad as UBA Chad S.A. They own eighty-nine shares.
  • The Republic of the Congo as UBA Congo Brazzaville. They own one hundred shares.
  • The Democratic Republic of the Congo as UBA Congo DRC. They own one hundred shares.
  • Ivory Coast as UBA Côte d’Ivoire. They own one hundred shares.
  • Gabon as UBA Gabon S.A. They own one hundred shares.
  • Ghana as UBA Ghana Limited. They own ninety-one shares.
  • The Republic of Guinea as UBA Guinea Conakry S.A. They own one hundred shares.
  • Kenya as UBA Kenya Limited. They own eighty-one shares.
  • Liberia as UBA Liberia Limited. They own one hundred shares.
  • Mali as UBA Mali. They own one hundred shares.
  • Mozambique as UBA Mozambique. They own ninety-six shares.
  • Senegal as UBA Senegal S.A. They own eighty-six shares.
  • Sierra Leone as UBA Sierra Leone Limited. They have a hundred shares.
  • Tanzania as UBA Tanzania. They are owners of eighty-two shares.
  • Uganda as UBA Uganda Limited. They are the owners of sixty-nine shares.
  • Zambia as UBA Zambia Limited. UBA Zambia owns one hundred shares.


The following individuals are executives of the United Bank for Africa Group.

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  • Tony Elumelu – Chairman
  • Kennedy Uzoka – Chief Executive Officer, Group Managing Director & Executive Director
  • Chuks Nweke – Group Chief Operating Officer & Executive Director
  • Ugochukwu .A. Nwaghodoh – Group Chief Financial Officer
  • Abdoul Aziz Dia – Executive Director & Head-Treasury
  • Anant Rao – Head-Group Consumer & Digital Banking
  • Franklyn Bennie – Group Chief Compliance Officer
  • Chukwuma Nweke – Executive Director, Head-Retail & Payments
  • Uche Ike – Executive Director & Head-Compliance & Risk
  • Oliver Alawuba – Executive Director & CEO-Africa Region
  • Foluke Kafayat Abdul-Razaq – Non-Executive Director
  • Joseph Chiedu Keshi – Vice Chairman
  • Dan Okeke – Executive Director
  • Ayoku Liadi – Executive Director
  • Ibrahim Puri – Executive Director
  • Erelu Angela Adebayo – Non-Executive Director
  • Isaac Olukayode Fasola – Non-Executive Director
  • Angela Aneke – Non-Executive Director
  • Abdulqadir Jeli Bello – Non-Executive Director
  • Emmanuel Onokpasa – Group Treasurer
  • Gboyega Sadiq – Group Chief Internal Auditor
  • Patricia Aderibigbe – Head-Group Human Resources
  • Bili Andrew Odum – Group Secretary
  • Samuel Adikamkwu – Group General Counsel
  • Owanari Bobmanuel Duke – Independent Non-Executive Director
  • Samuel Oni – Independent Non-Executive Director.


United Bank for Africa has over thirteen thousand three hundred and fifty-five (13,355) staff under its employ. About 9,787 members of staff were Nigerians.

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  • Entry-level staff earns about #142,000 per month.
  • Accounts officer earns about #163,000 to #170,000 per month.
  • Accountants earn #48,000 to #52,000 per month.
  • Logistics officers earn between #38,000 to #40,000 per month.
  • Administrative officers earn between #38,000 to #45,000.
  • Executive drivers earn #48,000 to #57,000
  • Tellers earn from #50,000 to #60,000 monthly.
  • Front Desk Teller earns #48,000 per month.
  • Graduate Intern earns #48,000
  • Office Administrator – #36,000 to #40,000
  • Customer Service #75,000 to #79,000
  • Information Technology Risk Management Officers earn #155,000 per month.
  • System Analysts earn #155,000 per month.
  • Facility Officer earns #114,000 to #124,000.
  • Internal Control Officer – #163,000 to #170,000.
  • Business Development and Marketing 3Officer #328,000.
  • Resident Internal Controller earns #135,000 monthly.
  • Sales and Marketing Manager earns between #135,000 to #150,000 monthly.
  • Relationship Manager/Officer earns from #245,000 to #300,000.
  • Generally, the average salary for bankers is #101,000.
  • The average salary for accountants is #77,000
  • The average salary for account officers is #181,000.

Net worth

In December 2019, the group’s financial assets were valued at NGN:5,604 trillion (US$14.6 billion). They have a shareholders’ equity of NGN:597.97 billion (US$1.56 billion). As of 2019, their revenue after tax was ₦89.09 billion (US$232 million).


United Bank for Africa is rated one of the best ten banks in Nigeria. In the year 1970, United Bank for Africa listed its shares on the Nigerian Stock Exchange in an IPO. This made them the first bank in Nigeria to make an initial public offering. They have served their customers in Nigeria faithfully and have gone on to serve their subsidiaries in over twenty countries in Africa and Europe.

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Out of over thirteen thousand staff they have, about nine thousand of them are Nigerians.

United Bank for Africa has been making strides to serve their customers better. Recently, UBA Ghana introduced banking on WhatsApp and Facebook platforms. They are the first bank to offer this kind of service. During the launch, the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of UBA Ghana, Mr. Isong Udom said “the world is changing and particularly as a result of Covid-19 and our bank is adapting to every possibility technology presents”.

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