Cold Calling │ A Basic Knowledge

Cold Calling. A Basic Knowledge

Cold calling. A Basic Knowledge…Assume you’re a salesperson, responsible for selling electronic products of a company. While you were on your way to work you decided to stop by your neighbor’s flat to tell them about the electronic products you sell, and how it is even better than the one they may have bought elsewhere. They were happy you informed them. You are happy they promised to consider buying a new one from you, you just got a potential consumer. Well, guess what! you have just engaged in cold calling.

Cold calling. A basic

What is Cold Calling?

Cold calling is the solicitation of potential customers with people who have had no prior interaction with the business or its product before.

Cold-calling is a technique applied by businesses whereby a salesperson contacts individuals who have had no initial communication, in a bid to tell them about their product.

What else is Cold calling?

Cold-calling involves phone calls, door-to-door visitations, and drop-in visitations. These are also methods of cold calling.

Every good business desires to expand their customer base. This is why they engage in promotional marketing. However, cold calling is another effective way of building a strong customer base.

Advantages of Cold calling

  • Cold calling allows you to educate new people on the usefulness of your product
  • Most people like to feel connected, cold calling is a way of making customers feel like a part of the business.
  • Cold calling is a way of pushing the business to the marketplace
  • Although cold calling does not guarantee you have gotten a new customer, you have gained the opportunity of imprinting the knowledge of your business in their minds.

Challenges of Cold-calling

Although cold calling is an effectual way of marketing, it also has its multiple downturns:

  • Some people feel uneasy being contacted without prior notice. This may lead to hang-up on calls or verbal abuse.
  • Marketing analysts have recorded a slow success in cold calling, especially in recent times when people are already saturated with the activities of the social media.

Cold calling. A basic

  • Some people feel insecure when they feel people have access to their phone numbers or home addresses without their consent.
  • Some people revile cold calling because they perceive their privacy is been messed with.