3 Key Things You Must Learn About Your Target Customers in Nigeria

When you’re starting a business, you’ve had to define who your “target customers” are. You have to know their age, gender, location and perhaps know the amount of income they earn and education levels. But demographics alone won’t give you a comprehensive picture of who’s patronizing your products.

Target customers in Nigeria business

Understand personally who your target customers are. If you don’t know your target customers, it will be so difficult to communicate the benefits of your product so they react positively. So what else should you be learning about your target customer(s), apart from basic demographics? Here are the top three things you should find out, and how to incorporate that information into your strategy.

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 3 things to know to target customers

         1.Their problem(s)

This is conceivably the single most significant piece of the target customers’ puzzle. No matter how well you’re trying to locate your target customers- values and interests, you won’t succeed if you don’t show that your product or service can solve a problem for them.

For example, Ray was successful because it has put in a lot of energy into understanding the difficulties that people go through each day while trying to order, replenish and manage their prescriptions via a conventional pharmacy, Parker noted.

“How do you build relationships with your target customers and get to this place where the customer feels like you are a friend?” Parker said. “You can’t-do that unless you know the problems your target customer deal with.”

         2. Their values

When you know what your target customers care about, it’s will become easier to create advertising materials that resonate with them. Founder and president of Olive PR Solutions said that presuming out your audience’s values and attitudes is vita. This connects you with your target customers and permits you to grow an authentic, long-term relationship with them. These same central values can also help you grow your brand “voice” or personality.

‘’In order to communicate to your target customers, you have to ensure you are very sure about your brand by defining its personality and voice,” Borba von Stauffenberg said.

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        3. Their online browsing habits

When prospective clients visit your website and social media pages, how they relate to your brand? Are they distributing definite types of posts? Searching for particular content features? Most importantly, what at last leads them to click through to your product pages? Tracking these browsing and search activities can help you figure out the best way to drive traffic where you want it to go.

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Finding and using your target customers’ information

There are two key ways to extract this information. The first, and perhaps most obvious, is pulling and analyzing data. Contemporary marketers have various data sources, tracking tools and analytics programs at their reach, so be sure to take advantage of what’s out there.

“Data is marketer’s best friend,” Yraola said. “Being able to know who is visiting your site, what they do [there] and when they leave the site has helped effectively by targeting similar consumers throughout the internet to increase consciousness of your brand.”

The second method is more beneficial to communicate with customers one on one to find out what they need. Parker, who has an experience in the pharmaceutical industry, noted that approaching his market research with a “novice’s mind” helped him find out how to best reach Pill Pack’s customer base.

“The longer you’ve been in an industry, the stress-free it is to think you have all the answers,” Parker told Business News Daily. “It’s fruitful to sit with customers and [have them] communicate with your product, website, etc. to see how they react.