Warm Calling │ A Basic Knowledge

Warm Calling. A Basic Knowledge

Warm Calling. A Basic Knowledge…Unlike cold calling, warm calling is an interaction with a potential customer after he/she had initially had some sort of communication with the company. Whether or not it is the first time a salesperson is contacting an individual, as long as he/she has had some dealings or contact with the business, it is a warm call.

What is Warm Calling?

Warm calling is the solicitation of a potential customer with whom a sales representative or business has had prior contact.

What else is Warm calling…?

Notice, the notable difference between cold calling and warm calling is that in warm calling there must have been a prior contact with the potential customer. Warm calling can also involve emailing the potential customer, visiting them, calling them, booking a lunch appointment, etc.

Warm calling has proven to be an even more effectual means of increasing a company’s patronage than cold calling.