The Entrepreneurial lessons To Be Learnt From The Game Thrones

The Entrepreneurial lessons To Be Learnt From The Game Thrones

In my years of watching classic movies, I have never seen anyone engage my attention completely as the game of thrones. It is crazy. I have watched every single episode of the eight seasons available in the market. I can tell you that there are entrepreneurial lessons to be learnt from the game of thrones.

In my years in the university, we could stay up all night watching a season of the movie. Okaria Odili Frank can attest to that. I really cannot remember how many times I saw the season 1 of that movie. It was awesome.

In a course I did in school, “Military and politics in Nigeria,” it was required that we dissect the movie. At that time, it was about the strategies. And to be honest, I enjoyed doing that.

When I asked people for help on the social media on the entrepreneurial lessons to be learnt from the game of thrones, I was amazed at the response. I want to thank everybody that contributed.  If you don’t have any in your head, it will either be because you have not watched the classic or you don’t understand the concept of entrepreneurship.

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I was reminiscing on the movie one day and I remembered that it was filled with lessons. I started connecting the lessons to entrepreneurship in my head and I was amazed at how well it fitted. It will be in line if I remind you that the lessons are not only entrepreneurial, irrespective of the sphere of life you operate, you will have something to learn.

Resultantly, I decided to have an article discussing these lessons. It is not very common to see works like this but they are always interesting. These entrepreneurial lessons to be learnt from the game of thrones will be worth your time. It promises to be interesting, engaging and educating.

Top Entrepreneurial Lessons To Be Learnt From The Game Thrones

  1. Don’t be too sure or overconfident

entrepreneurial lessons to be learnt from the game of thrones

Confidence is a virtue but overconfidence can become a problem. You cannot be too sure of yourself. Stannis Baratheon, a worthy warrior and arguably the only true king after the death of Robert Baratheon, would have been a successful successor if he had taken more time to galvanize a bigger army.

He was too confident in his abilities that he slipped on countless occasions and eventually fell to the sword at the hands of a woman. In chess, you are admonished to beware of where you slipped and not where you fell.

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So, entrepreneurs must trust in their abilities and must be confident of achieving their ends. But it will be foolish to overlook the place of proper planning because you think you have got it all covered. Check all your plans and make all the necessary amendments and then you can go in and succeed.

So many empires have closed down because of the stupidity and overconfidence of their leaders and I’m sure you wouldn’t want that for yourself.

  1. Every great deed starts with the mind

entrepreneurial lessons to be learnt from the game of thrones

Many success coaches will emphasize the place of the mind in bringing about financial success. You can read “As a man thinketh,” “Think and grow rich,” “The richest man in Babylon,” “Minding your mind,” and you will understand the place of great thought process in your success.

My best character in the movie is Tyrion Lannister. I believe he was very popular amongst the viewers of the movie. To a great extent, I loved the cunning of Little Finger, Petr Baelish. So sad he was outfoxed by the Stark girls.

These two characters had a thing for always being very analytic. Tyrion was a Dwarf but found a way to live through tough times. He always had a way of coming through cumbersome situations. Little Finger will see you coming and always treats you in the knowledge of what you can do to him. They were amazing. They were not physically strong but they survived and lasted longer than most of the strong men.

Entrepreneurs must understand that the first battle to be won is the battle of the mind. It is no coincidence that I put this as one of the entrepreneurial lessons to be learnt from the Game of Thrones. Conquer your mind and you can conquer the world.

Remember, the people who win are not always the people who can win but most times, the people who think they can win.

  1. The most dangerous enemy is the enemy within

entrepreneurial lessons to be learnt from the game of thrones

One of the entrepreneurial lessons to be learnt from the game of thrones is the fact that the enemy you should be wary of is the enemy within your camp.

The bible made it clear that what goes into a man does not defile a man but what comes out of the man. An Igbo adage says that it is “the rat indoors that told the one outside that there is fish in the house.” All these point to the fact that we should be careful with the people we surround ourselves with.

To conquer the Starks, it took someone that has lived with them all his life that you could call him a Stark to do that. It was Theon Greyjoy, who dealt with the Starks and took over Winterfell. Though he spared the Stark boys, he betrayed them nonetheless.

Lord Eddard Stark was betrayed by members of the Kings council and he paid with his head.

As entrepreneurs, we are always surrounded by close pals and associates. They are the people we should be wary of. A loyal friend is more important to your growth than an overly ambitious and talented fellow. They are both needed but you should be careful who you hand over the secrets of your business to as that could define what becomes of your business.

  1. Beware of the banana pills on the floor

entrepreneurial lessons to be learnt from the game of thrones

Anybody giving you entrepreneurship lessons or business lessons and has not mentioned the banana pill on the floor is probably still starting. You should read the “Mafia Manager.”

Life generally and businesses have been messed up by negligence. If you leave a banana pill on the floor, you are going to slip and if you slip, you will fall and when you fall, you will get injured or you will die.

Remember the Machiavellian principle of conquering your enemy completely. It works. Your enemy here may not always refer to a person. It could be a thing you want to do or a task that to be completed. You must finish it because if you procrastinate, you could find yourself on the other side of history.

The rise of the Targaryans was because after the killing of the mad king, his children were spared and we saw what Daenerys Targaryen, the mother of Dragons accomplished. There was no peace for the Baratheons or the Lannisters. That could have been averted.

Eddard Stark lost his head because of momentary weakness. He slipped when he allowed Cercei Baratheon to regroup after accusing her of sleeping with her brother. He should have arrested her and probably tried her and Jamie for incest but he didn’t. He gave her the easy way out and he eventually fell.


This article is a work in progress. It is not complete yet. More entrepreneurial lessons to be learnt from the game of thrones will be added.

As I said, this movie is a classic and my best epic movie. It is filled with lessons and thrill. You bet that you cannot tell the next person to die. The intrigues are better experienced than told. Keep up with the updates.




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