6 Toxic Beliefs That Will Ruin Your Career In Nigeria

6 Toxic Beliefs That Will Ruin Your Career In Nigeria

We are our biggest enemies so the saying goes. As you must already know, mistakes are inevitable. You must make mistakes in your business as an entrepreneur, in your relationships and academics. The most important is not the mistakes but how we react to these mistakes by our beliefs. It can ruin your career.

For emphasis, there is nothing wrong with making mistakes in our various career paths; it is indeed what you say to yourself that matters. Your self-talk (the thoughts you have about your feelings) can either magnify the negativity or help you turn that misstep into something productive.

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Negative self-talk ruins your career because it is unrealistic, unnecessary and self-defeating. It has the capacity to send you into a downward emotional spiral that is difficult to pull out of.

It is important you note that all self-talks are driven or brought about by important beliefs that you hold about yourself. Consequently, it plays an understated but powerful role in success because it can both spur you forward to achieve your goals and hold you back.

As stated before, certain aspects of your self-talk can ruin your career because of the negative nature. As Henry Ford says, “He who believes he can and he who believes he cannot are both correct.”

What he didn’t say however is that while the former breaks boundaries, the former is stalk at a place or even retrogresses. This retrogression can ruin your career.

A study in the US shows something very critical. It shows that “these successful people earn an average of $28,000 more annually than their low EQ peers, get promoted more often, and receive higher marks on performance evaluations. The link between EQ and earnings is so direct that every point increase in EQ adds $1,300 to an annual salary.”

Humans in Us and Nigeria have the same biological set up. This study can be true for Nigeria too.

Today, after much study, we have discovered six toxic or poisonous beliefs that can ruin your career. We advise you to be mindful of your tendencies to succumb to these beliefs so that they don’t derail your career:

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Toxic Beliefs That Can Ruin Your Career In Nigeria

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  1. Perfection = Success

People forget that humans are imperfect beings and are fallible. The make the mistake of making perfection their goal. Perfection gives you a high level of self-awareness and automatically leads to low self-esteem.

The reason for this is that perfection cannot always be achieved. When this happens, you go into self-pity mode and you get frustrated. You start lamenting the problems instead of focusing on the way forward. This can ruin your career.

2. My Destiny is Predetermined

This is prevalent amongst religious people who believe in predestination. They succumb to the highly irrational idea that they are predestined to succeed or fail. They forget that the truth is that God has placed your destiny in your hands.

Blaming your failures and successes on forces of predestination is a way of remaining in the zone of frustration. You know why? Life will always deal you difficult cards once in a while and at other times, you get aces. You have got to be ready to deal with life or you will ruin your career.

 3. I “Always” or “Never” Do That

You should bear in mind that there is nothing in life that you always do or never do. That mentality when dealing with your career is wrong. You should know when to be flexible or rigid. It can ruin your career because it makes you believe that you have no control over yourself and will never change. Don’t succumb to it.

4. I Succeed When Others Approve of Me

Don’t sit around thinking that your success is a product of other people’s approval. It just ruins your career. No matter what people think of at any particular moment, you are always not as good or as bad as they think you are.

It is advised that you take people’s opinion with a grain of salt. That way, your self-worth comes from within and not predicated on the opinion of people.

5. My Past = My Future

I bet you remember the story Abraham Lincoln. He failed at almost everything he did. He, however, became one of the most respected leaders of all time. Repeated failures can hinder your confidence. It will make it difficult for you to achieve a better outcome in the future.

For this not to ruin your career, you have to remember that success lies in your ability to rise up to failures.

6. My Emotions = Reality

It is pertinent to understand how to remove emotions from your reality. Your heart sometimes contradicts your head. They are always in constant contradiction. If you don’t separate them, your emotions will always cloud your sense of reality and can bring about negative self-talk which can, in turn, ruin your career.