Blockchain Tech Hub Hosts Blockchain Internship To Incubate Developers In Africa

Africa’s Largest Blockchain Company, Blockchain Tech Hub Hosts Blockchain Internship To Incubate Blockchain Developers.


Africa’s largest Blockchain company, Blockchain tech Hub, host its first blockchain internship in Abuja Nigeria to incubate African blockchain developers.

Recall that the company’s brand, Satowallet, is the first African blockchain company to process over $3 Million dollar transaction in a month.

The internship which started on the 3rd of December 2018 with 40 Interns which came from various states in Nigeria are currently being trained across various blockchain topics which ranges from

  • Blockchain development
  • Cryptocurrency trading and education
  • App development and testing
  • Project marketing and networking with team.

Blockchain Tech Hub Internship Recap by Days

  1. Day 1: Personal Developments and Productivity class
  2. Day 2: Media and accounting training
  3. Day: Introduction to Cryptocurrency Trading and support management
  4. Day 4: Marketing, Teamwork and Networking
  5. Day 5: Cryptocurrency Trading Masterclass and introduction to App development
  6. Day 6: Blockchain Development – part 1
  7. Day 7: Blockchain security
  8. Day 8: Entrepreneurship exercise

By the end of the first phase of the internship, the second phase of it will commence by January 2019 for selected interns who passes the first stage internship

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There in the second phase, they will go into the advanced training and certification.

Below are few pictures from the internship program




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