8 Ways Your Everyday Life Is Impacted By the Internet Of Things In Nigeria

8 Ways Your Everyday Life Is Impacted By the Internet Of Things In Nigeria

Our lives are changing every moment. Yesterday was less digitalized than today because of the breakthroughs in technology and in specific terms, the internet. The 21st-century man is consistently impacted by the internet of things.

It has become bigger than the industrial revolution even though it is an offshoot of that revolution. The spread of the internet and indeed its uses have been awesome.

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It is no longer about connecting to the internet to get information. It was in abstract form. Now we are talking about the internet of things. This is more like giving our normal objects the ability to function with the internet. It is awesome, right

It is a project that is ongoing and it is already a reality in some places. The things that will come with it will be awesome. It will be very amazing in no small way. We will start to see a plethora of “dumb” objects become connected, sending signals to each other and alerts to our phones, and creating mounds of “little data” on all of us that will make marketers salivate.

As stated earlier, our lives will be overly impacted by the internet of things. We definitely have a little grasp of what is coming. It is going to blow our minds away.

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Here, we want to take a look at some of the things we will be seeing when the internet of things becomes a reality in Nigeria. In other words, we want to talk about how our lives will be impacted by the internet of things.

How our everyday lives will be impacted by the internet of things

impacted by the internet of things

  1. Changing your car oil

One of the ways our lives will be impacted by the internet of things is in making cars smart. Can you believe it? Cars will become smart cars. The idea is that more machines will be integrated to speak to each other.

You will as a result no longer miss an oil change. Your car will automatically and pre-emptively reach out to your mechanic when it is time to change your oil. It sounds great. What is even greater is that it can do much more that. It can factors in the tire pressure, water level and other necessary aspects.

2. Monitoring your health

Another way our lives will be impacted by the internet of things is the monitoring of our health. One of the ways it can be done is in helping out when our prescription is low. An appointment will be made with your physician through connected RX bottles when the prescription is low.

More so, doctors can monitor their patients’ consistency and dedication to taking their drugs. More importantly, some health issues such as blood sugar and sugar levels can be monitored remotely.

3. Energy consumption

The internet of things can help you adjust high energy consumption household appliances. It will adjust based on the dynamic price signals to lower your electric bill.

Also, thermostats and lighting will learn your habits to create the optimal setting based on your everyday life, such as turning to your ideal temperature just before you arrive home. It is also expected that these gadgets will also sense when no one is in the house and turn off automatically to reduce wastes and costs.

4. Driving and traffic jams

We will also be impacted by the internet of things through driving and traffic jams. It will help make driving a lot safer. Look at this scenario; the traffic lights will be able to adjust to real-time traffic conditions to factor in emergency situations.

There will be road sensors in the car that can be able to make changes to the speed limits based on bad weather and accidents and it will communicate to the dashboard about unsafe situations. Going by the fact that there is so much bad road in Nigeria, this could save lots of lives.

5. Shopping List

This is unbelievable and incredibly awesome. It is everything we could have wished for. We will definitely be impacted by the internet of things because we will never run short of things. Our smart refrigerators will always remind us when our stock is diminishing. It is amazing.

6. Our morning alarm

Another way our lives can be impacted by the internet of things is through the alarm system. In the scenario where there is an issue with your normal route to work, your alarm time will go off earlier and redirect you. It will give alternate routes to work.

7. Monitoring your baby

This is already at play. People can monitor the breathing of their babies through their smartphones. The babies will don connected onesies that will send an alert when there is anything abnormal. Amazing right? I feel the same. It has not even finished.

With the help of pet monitoring systems, you will monitor the activities and behavior of kids from afar.

8. What’s on your body

Wearable tech has perhaps gotten the most attention on the Internet of Things chatter to date. Many products are now in their second or third generations, offering sleeker designs and more integration with different systems. From monitoring activity during workouts to sleeping patterns to hearing aids, the devices that we “wear” are becoming much more sophisticated, connecting to all of our social media accounts, and tracking much more quality and quantity data.

The budding number of sensors will detect and act on environmental and other contextual factors, such as weather; will be aware of who and how many people are around in its vicinity to change levels of input and output; and adjust to save resources and improve safety.