What Life In Nigeria Will Look Like In 2050: You Need To See This by GT Igwe Chrisent

What I Really Think About Life In Nigeria in 2050

Ok guys this is not my thing but as usual, I just have to do this one. Over the last two years, I’ve been publishing futuristic and predictive articles trying to give insight to what the future of what either company, industry, life would look like. Now, if you’ve been following me since 2016 you will find out that I have made some forecast/predicted what the future of Google’s revenue decline

using revenue due to its activities being deleted now that claim is still valid to me as I know that google is already losing revenue due to advert where I got to make mention of saying google it to divert into some other things as regards their revenue model.

 so today,  we will be looking at what life in Nigeria will look like in 2050.

Disclaimer:  this is prediction based on what I think as GT Igwe Chrisent and as such  my opinion. this post is not meant to serve as correct data or statistics of something of sort against lift in 2050. This post is written from different school of thought touching Science and Technology, Bible and theology, Personal views and philosophy and no data or exact reference point is made. However, you should take it serious and see the point i’m trying to make.

so let’s move ahead.

what I really think is that things will really get interesting, now recall before now before we had access to internet and technology what we normally enjoy here as Nigeria is what them there in united states and other developed countries have been enjoying for years, but right now,  it looks as if the world is moving at same pace.

  • Nigeria is still far away from current Technology in US, China etc. By 2050, these countries will still be ahead Nigeria technologically but not compared to the current margin of 2019. There will be more power, and tech available with more unhappy people in the streets of Nigeria.

technology in nigeria 2050

  • In transportation, Flying drones will get into logistics to make e-commerce delivery for online stores within cities.

flying taxes

A chip with location embedded will make this device able to track and fly to various locations and will eventually replace the job of most bike men doing bike deliveries now.

Companies specializing in moving goods and services will seek cheaper solutions to running their companies and will definitely make people lose their jobs

  • There will be more robots on the streets even in Nigeria who will behave like real humans and outsmart humans. At this point humans will eventually suffer the side-effects of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics as predicted by Steve Hawking before his death. Elon Musk is still giving a negative alarm about it. see sophia  Robot in an interview below;


  • The sex dolls will become more human than now. Security will become tighter and there won’t be hiding places for some crimes; even Yahoo Boys here will go broke as their clients will know them because of technology advancement.

sex dolls

  • In the Health sector, there will be more deadly diseases introduced to wipe out the ever-growing population and at same time, introducing anti-aging drugs that will be able to reverse the age of people.


This drug will be very costly and would only be afforded by the rich. To some extent, humans will try to become immortal which will be made possible by Artificial Intelligence.

This Artificial Intelligence will be able to have a brain and it’s database duplicated into a machine while the reverse aging drug will make people not to get old. Only the poor who wouldn’t afford the reverse aging drugs will grow old and die while the rich will now be able to extend their lives to over 200-300 years old.

If you must stay younger the natural way, join the vegetarians and stop eating everything packaged, go for more vegetables and fresh foods and less meat.


  • In Relationships and marriages? There will be more Baby mamas, Baby papas and single parenting will become a norm. Getting married and staying married will become old fashioned. Those in relationships will now become the weird ones. 

…….many people will be depressed….

entrepreneurs can defeat depression

  • Remember the Mark of the beast in the Bible? Don’t worry, no scary devil is coming out anywhere to force the mark on people. We all will eventually accept it and have chips implanted into us as technology. A time will come when those who refuse to have the chip on them will become the enemies of Government and will be arrested. That’s the beast forcing the mark on people. Just be aware.

Mark of the beast


  • The Globalisation and one world thing of the end time will become stronger as digital currency like Bitcoin will thrive and become generally accepted in most places as money, eliminating third parties like banks and authorities like government. (This is when people like us that have it now will become the real Billionaires).

It’s all pointing to End time. Let me not divert to Bible and Antichrist talk today, so, let’s go back to jobs and how to stay happy as time moves on.

How To Secure your Job Ahead Of Time

just do the following;

  1. Know that companies will no longer employ based on certificates, but what you do know or can do for them. every company wants to stay relevant and make money. channel your energy towards helping your company make more money or save money.
  2. Learn so many things now that you are young, a time will come when you will wish you had learned it.
  3. Hold God and follow the trend. Because bible pointed out signs of the end time does not mean you should remain in the dark, self-awareness is key but don’t die in poverty due to religious bigotry
  4. Become expert in one thing, don’t try to be an expert everywhere like me.
  5. Learn emotional intelligence and use it on your boss, he is human and has issues, try to show care and love everyone who comes your way, that way, no one will want to lose you.
  6. Try to make one or two positive impacts on people’s lives, that way, you’ll have at least someone to fall unto if life goes south with you. Someone must remember what you did and come to your rescue. You don’t need to share money, there are many ways to help people without money.
  7. Enjoy the moment and don’t believe the things you see on social media. 90% are fake. The people you are killing yourself to be like are not worthy of envying.

Get sense!

In my next prediction from a personal view, i will look into Businesses of the future and their trends using old and current records. that one will have data.

Thanks for reading.




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