10 Places You Are Guaranteed To Meet Your Next Boss In Nigeria

10 Places You Are Guaranteed To Meet Your Next Boss In Nigeria

Are you looking for a new job? Perhaps you are just a recent graduate and you probably wondering where will help you land your dream job. I have come up with what are arguably the top ten picks where you can meet your next boss. You have the opportunity to meet your next boss in these places.

Meet your Next Boss At These Places

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1. At The Bookstore

People that are hungry for success don’t rest on their laurels. They never stop trying, learning and for new things. They never stop being intellectually curious. They spend almost all their evenings and transit time shopping for the next book to read. You must have the mindset that you can meet your next boss anytime and anywhere.

These people are hungry and a sponge for information because they understand the power of knowledge. You can locate a very good bookstore to enrich yourself through quality books. You can always initiate a conversation with someone there, but you have got to be brief and focused.

2. The Lounge of Airports

Many successful people are found hanging out in airport lounges while in transit. That you are first or business class is not a criterion for getting into the lounge. You can always meet you next boss in these lounges, all you need is a polite attitude and things will go just fine. The people that are always found here are decision makers and people of influence.

3. Industry-focused Conference(s) and Meetings

The power of networking and getting to know what is available out there was my bet while going into New Media. You have to ask yourself who the big names in the game are. If you are an IT professional, the yearly CTO should be a must-attend event for you.

These events can afford you the opportunity to walk up to a CEO and make your elevator’s pitch. I promise, if you are good they will remember you by your first name the next time you are talking. These kinds of conferences can always afford you the opportunity to meet your next boss.

4. Career Fairs

Events like career fair bring together job seekers and employers. This event is always very focused on the intentions of both parties are known and are clear.

These career fairs don’t happen every day in Nigeria, you must always be on the look-out and it’s a must attend. It’s always adored by recruiters, employees of companies and some senior executives. Be focused and only go to booths of companies you have a deep interest in. Have a one minute pitch and exchange details.

5. The Lounge of Hotels

You must desist from meeting people in quick service restaurants, popularly called fast food joints. It is close to impossible to meet any really high-profiled person here. You are more likely to find them in 4-star and 5-star hotels.

I have had the opportunity of seeing Wole Soyinka, Dora Akunyili and Segu Aganga in Sheraton Hotel and Towers, all in one day. It didn’t actually cost much, just a glass of juice and some nuts. It’s actually a great place to get a conversation going. You are almost certain to meet your next boss here.

6. Charity Organizations and Platforms

Don’t misunderstand me here, organizations like The Lion’s Club (LEO) and Rotary International are both fantastic platforms to learn, share and network. Her members are well placed, connected and that means successful.

They offer a great mentoring platform to grow. You should find out about Rotary Club or LEO where ever you are in Nigeria. Both organizations have great things to offer. Rotary even have an international ambassadorial scholarship for those looking for higher education opportunities.

7. At  Social Clubs

These clubs are places where people love to go and relax their nerves and have fun. As a member of Ikoyi Club or Yoruba Tennis Club gives you great social mileage which has the capacity to open doors if used properly.

There is this one key thing about successful people and that is, they lead very interesting lives. They are either picking up a new sport or a die-hard football fan. I haven’t seen one that’s not into politics and economics.

8. The Social Networks

There are people that their boss found on LinkedIn and sent them a message on Facebook, isn’t that interesting? The social networks are extremely powerful in building connections, especially with the top industry practitioners.

You need to have a brief but focused and updated profile that is clear about your interests and expertise. You also should try reaching out to people asking specific questions or a bit forward, you will be surprised at the number of positive response that will hit your inbox.

9. Volunteering Works

It’s very difficult for me to understand why people don’t volunteer when the need arises. Maybe because we are in a society that is so much driven by money, we tend to underscore the power of being a volunteer.

It can enhance our skills and even land us a job. Just imagine working with Nigeria Leadership Initiative as a volunteer, you will smile at the number of powerful people you will connect and work within a short space of time.

10. The Place of worship

It is proven that Nigerians are very religious people. Many young professionals are drifting away from the orthodox churches to the new generation ones like Daystar, KICC, and Covenant Christian Centre. The list is actually endless. It is clear that generational affinity networking opportunities play a big role in this religious shift.

Churches like Daystar have offer career services and have a training academy. Am not pitching for any church here, but these places are creating an impressive cluster of successful people that simply attracts. Chances are that you can meet your next boss in these places of worship.