Top 13 Accredited HMOs In Nigeria

There are 13 accredited HMOs in Nigeria. The Nigerian health insurance sector has developed and extended since the National health insurance scheme became active in 2004. A Health maintenance organization (HMO) is a private or public incorporated firm that has been registered by the National Health Insurance scheme to manage health care services facilities that are officially accredited by the scheme.

In 2012, there were 66 accredited HMOs in Nigeria, but currently, there are 77 accredited HMOs in Nigeria. Although there have been lots of current mergers, acquisitions, and re-accreditation.

Accredited HMOs In Nigeria

Below is the top list of accredited HMOs in Nigeria:

  1. Accredited HMOs in Nigeria: UNIC insurance– it is situated in Ikeja, Lagos state; UNIC health special insurance offers its clients with a health insurance scheme and worldwide medical insurance cover.
  2. Accredited HMOs in Nigeria: Premium health limited– it renders insurance covers to people, groups and corporate entities. It is situated in Ibadan, Oyo state.

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  1. Accredited HMOs: Zenith medicare limited– It has its headquarter Abuja. Zenith medicare limited gives health insurance services to individuals, small groups of employers and to large corporate organizations in the country.
  2. Accredited HMOs in Nigeria: United healthcare international limited– located in Lagos, they give various medical insurance plans to individuals, groups, families and corporate.
  3. Accredited HMOs: Mediplan healthcare limited– This is an HMO that was established in 2000 in Nigeria so that they can manage the business of giving healthcare services to the public and corporate establishments. It is found on Victoria Island, Lagos.

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  1. Accredited HMOs in Nigeria: Healthcare international limited– healthcare international offers wide-ranging and flexible international health insurance to its clients from persons to business bodies in Nigeria.
  2. Accredited HMOs: Active health managers limited– it as a health maintenance organization that offers its healthcare services to individuals, groups, families and the corporate world. It is situated in Ikoyi, Lagos.
  3. Accredited HMOs in Nigeria: Prepaid Medical services limited– it is in Abuja, prepaid medical services limited provides services that are personalized for persons, families, groups and corporate organizations.

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  1. Accredited HMOs in Nigeria: Integrated Healthcare limited– located in the capital, Abuja; integrated healthcare provides health insurance coverage to individuals, family and corporate peeps, it also provides emergency services and counseling.
  2. Accredited HMOs: Clearline international limited– it is one of the largest HMOs in Nigeria with over 2000 healthcare providers countrywide and thirteen centers. This organization has been accredited as a HMO for more than 20 years now. It is located in Lagos.
  3. Accredited HMOs: Zuma health trust– located in Abuja, Zuma health trust provide its healthcare plan to individuals, families and corporate entities.
  4. Accredited HMOs in Nigeria: MetroHealth HMO limited– its focus is on the provision of quality health service by providing quick, personalized and seamless quality healthcare support services to clients whether young, middle-aged or old.
  5. Accredited HMOs: Hygenia HMO Limited– it is located on Victoria Island, Lagos. Hygenia provides its clients with healthcare savings accounts, and also provides individual & group healthcare insurance.