Travel Destinations in Abia State that Nigerians Must Visit

There are several travel destinations in Abia State. It is also known as God’s own state is situated in the South East of Nigeria. It was being created from old Imo State on August 27, 1991. The name “Abia” comprises four core regions of Afikpo, Bende, Isuikwuato, and Aba, but has now been hauled out of Abia State to form part of Ebonyi State.

Abia State has a population of over 2.4 million people assembled under 17 local government areas. The capital of Abia state is Umuahia, and its major business city is still Aba – an Ex-British colonial government outpost.

Travel Destinations in Abia State to Visit

There are Numerous travel destinations in Abia State to visit, but here are the top 5 travel destinations in Abia State that might find fascinate you:

 5 Travel Destinations in Abia State

  1. Travel Destinations in Abia State: National War Museum, Umuahia                                                                If you are at Umuahia North LGA, then you want to see the enthralling National War Museum. This war museum was made to order in 1985 to display artillery, weapons, and other equipment of civil warfare arranged all through pre-colonial wars and during the Nigeria-Biafra civil war. The museum is built on an extensive area of undulating hills, and you can see all the three galleries of pre-colonial arms used during past civil wars. The third gallery hosts the weapons of war used during the Nigerian civil war of 1967-1969. This is one of the travel destinations in Abia State.

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  1. Travel Destinations in Abia State: National Museum of Colonial History, Aba                                               If you’re ever attracted to studying the expansion of Nigeria through the colonial era to post-independence, then the National Museum of Colonial History in Aba is the place to be. It was founded in 1984 and it displays the artifacts describing Nigeria history through the colonial era, while you stand to see numerous remains of the slave trade and assortments that marked Nigeria’s evolvement as a nation.

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  1. Travel Destinations in Abia State: Azumini Blue River                                                                                       If you haven’t seen a blue river before? You stand a chance to see one if you can go to Azumini town in Ukwa East LGA of Abia State, and this is where the Azumini blue river is located. The water of the river shines blue as you learn the sands and shiny stones in the surrounding. You can involve in water sporting activities like fishing, boating, swimming, yachting, and skiing on the blue river.
  2. Travel Destinations in Abia State: Arochukwu Cave                                                                                           If you have ever heard of the well-known Arochukwu Cave in Abia State, then now is the right time to visit there if you ever within the state. There are numerous outlets and secret places within the recesses of the cave, and many of them are dark inside because they have located hundreds of yards from the main entrance.

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  1. Travel Destinations in Abia State: Akwete Weavers
    This is Located in Ukwa East LGA, Akwete town is just about 25 minutes’ drive from Aba if you’re using the Enugu-Port-Harcourt road. Using fabricated handlooms, indigenous weavers in this town weave the famous Awkete cloth which is traditionally worn by chiefs and other men of the title during festivals and other cultural events. The weavers use cotton and silk to weave beautiful cloth designs, as well as head-gears and other items of fashion.