9 beautiful places in Kaduna State that you must see

Kaduna is a state that is located in the Northern part of Nigeria, and in which Kaduna Is the capital. There are beautiful places in Kaduna State. Hausa and Fulani are the major tribes in the state. Kaduna has over 20 towns that are very beautiful and some of these tells events that occurred in the past, some for leisure and others for exploration.

Beautiful Places in Kaduna State that you must see

  1. Beautiful Places in Kaduna State #Kaduna Museum: This museum is found along Ali Akilu Road in Ungawan Sarki, Kaduna. It was founded in 1975 following the contribution of the old Northern People’s Congress (NPC) and built by the North Central State Government. The museum has numerous collections of both archaeological and ethnographic materials Such as Benin Bronzes and Terracotta statues can be found in this museum.
  2. Beautiful Places in Kaduna State #The Lugard Foot Bridge: It is a pedestrian bridge that is found in Kaduna State. The footbridge is situated in the General Hassan Katsina Park, Kaduna currently. Sir Frederick Lugard built it in 1904, and the bridge was named after him. The bridge served as a connection between his home and other quarters of colonial Zungeru over river Kaduna.

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  1. Beautiful Places in Kaduna State #Kajuru Castle: This is a luxury villa that is found in Kajuru village in Kaduna State. The villa was constructed in 1989 in the early medieval style complete with turrets, armoury, and dungeon. The castle was completed within 5 years. The castle symbolizes royalty. It is good to note that the Kajuru Castle is a not a resort but just a tourist attraction.
  2. Beautiful Places in Kaduna State #Kamuku National Park: This is what can be named Nigeria best-kept secret. It was founded in 1936 under the name of Native Authority Forest Reserve of Birnin Gwari. It was selected under the northern Nigerian Government. In May 1999, the Park was promoted from the initial state Game Reserve that it was to а National Park. The park has over 177 different species of birds.

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  1. Beautiful Places in Kaduna State #Emir of Zazzau Palace: If you visit Kaduna and you don’t visit this palace that means you have not started. It is located within the walls of the ancient city of Zaria. The palace is built with mud, which was the main building agent during the 19th century.
  2. Beautiful Places in Kaduna State #The Nok Village: The village is positioned in Kaduna State. The Nok Culture came into northern Nigeria around 1000 BCE and died out under circumstances that are known around 500 CE, thus having lasted for approximately 1,500 years. Human skeletons, rock paintings, and stone tools were found around this area.
  3. Beautiful Places in Kaduna State #Matsirga Waterfall: This waterfall is found in Madakiya close to Kafanchan, Jema’a local government of Kaduna State. The Waterfallsfalls 30 meters into a gorge that has been backed by attractive rocks. Kagoro Hills is the main source for this waterfall.

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  1. Beautiful Places in Kaduna State #Trappco Ranch and Resort: This be found 24km from Kaduna town and it is adjacent to the domestic airport. This is a typical hospitality centre that has three sections: the hospitality, tourism/sports, and also agriculture section. The resort also has different activities for both children and adults.
  2. Beautiful Places in Kaduna State #St Bartholomew Church: This is the first church that was built in the northern part of Nigeria in 1929. It was built with mud, and it is still functioning till today. Although some parts have been renovated. It remains the oldest church building in Northern Nigeria.