10 Cinema Etiquette You Must Not Ignore in Nigeria

It’s another awesome Friday! that we must learn cinema etiquette. For some of us, we will be going to see some movies with loved ones. Some may wish to hang out with friends at relaxation spots – all for fun!  Especially carrying along our cinema etiquettes. But whenever you go to the cinema, it is best to be mindful of your public conduct.

The cinema etiquette

Cinema etiquettes that we can’t ignore inside the cinema

These are the list of the cinema etiquettes below:

  • Arrive Early
    If you come late and you can see the cinema is almost filled up. Don’t go up and down the stairs and aisles looking for seats. Punctuality is the key. This cinema etiquette will guide you so that you won’t start looking for where to sit down.

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  • Don’t bump into people Always have your money handy when you get to the cinema, in order to avoid the crowd or queue. A lot of people ignore this cinema etiquette. If you are bumped into the queue, don’t be rude. Just be polite.
  • Buy your snacks before the film starts
    Your snacks or refreshment should be bought on time. Little cinema etiquette like this matters a lot. You won’t disturb people by getting out of your seat all the time when the movie is on. Your refreshments should be opened before the movie starts in order to limit noise.
  • Keep talk to a minimum
    Many people are fond of talking while a movie is going on. The problem is they don’t know or have an idea that this is a bad cinema etiquette. It is good to laugh when watching a comedy film and your laughter shouldn’t disturb others.

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  • Do not visit the movies if you are sick
    Don’t go the cinema if you are sick. For instance, if you have a scratch in your throat or just a hacking dry cough, it’s rude to ruin the movie for everyone else because of ignoring or exhibiting bad cinema etiquette.
  • Do not bring a child to X-rated movies
    Most of the time, parents bring their child or children to the cinema to watch a movie that’s meant for 18 years and above. If a movie is rated R, please don’t have your four-year-old with you because you didn’t want to pay a babysitter. Don’t bring your baby to the movies. Some parents need to acquire cinema etiquette to keep them in check.
  • Be mindful of seating etiquette
    Don’t sit directly in front of people (if there is no stadium seating) before the movie is at least 1/4 full. Do not sit next to someone unless the cinema is 50 percent full. This is another cinema etiquette we must not forget when we are in the cinema.

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  • Do not text or take a screenshot
    Taking a swift look at a text message in your phone is distracting to others around you because of the reflection of the light. If you have to check your text message, proper cinema etiquette requires you have to go out to the lobby or hall to reply.
  • Keep children under control
    Nothing is worse than a parent who refuses to keep his or her children quiet. This is a bad cinema etiquette. The rest of the viewers will not find this funny because they didn’t pay money to come and be distracted by your kids’ noise.
  • Don’t move from your seat too often
    Getting up once or twice is okay but always fidgeting around or changing seat mid-film can disturb people around you. Putting your feet up on the seat in front of you also isn’t appreciated much.