Five Largest States in Nigeria by Land Mass

There are so many largest states in Nigeria, both in land mass and population. Nigeria is Africa’s most populous country with a population of over 170 million people, which represent 2.35% of the world’s population. The country has over 500 ethnic groups, of which the three largest ethnic groups are Hausa, Igbo, and Yoruba.

Largest states in Nigeria by Land Mass

Five Largest States in Nigeria by Land Mass

These are the largest states in Nigeria according to their various land mass:

  1. Largest states in Nigeria: Niger State                                                                                                           Niger State is located in Central Nigeria. It is the biggest state in the country in terms of size, inhabiting a space of 76,363 square kilometers, and a population of 3,950,249. Minna is the state’s capital, and other main cities are Bida Kontagora and Suleja. It was created in 1976 during the era of General Murtala Mohammed. The Nupe, Gbagyi, Kamuku, Kambari, Dukawa, and Koro are the majority of Niger State. Niger state is named after the River Niger. The Kainji Dam and the Shiroro Dam, are found in Niger State.

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  1. Largest states in Nigeria: Borno State                                                                                                             This is found in north-eastern Nigeria. It was created in 1976 from the fragment of the North-Eastern State and Maiduguri is the capital. The state is dominated by the Kanuri. Other smaller ethnic groups such as Lamang, Babur, and Marghi can also found in the southern part of the state. It has 27 Local Government Areas, land mass of 70,898 in square kilometers and a population of 4,151,193.
  2. Largest states in Nigeria: Taraba State This State is named after the Taraba River which runs through the southern part of the state. Jalingo is Taraba’s capital. The size of Taraba state is 54,473 in square kilometers, after being created out of the ex-Gongola State in 1991. It now has a population of 2,300,736.

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  1. Largest states in Nigeria: Kaduna State it is found in Northwest Nigeria. Kaduna is the capital, usually known to as Kaduna City. The state has 23 Local Government Areas, and a total population of 6,066,562, and has a size of 46,053 square km. It is one of the education centers in Nigeria, with numerous colleges and the most known university in Nigeria.

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  1. Largest states in Nigeria: Bauchi State                                                                                                                   It is in northern Nigeria. Bauchi is the capital city. The state was created in 1976 when the ex-North-Eastern State was smashed up, and now has a total population of 4,676,465. It initially included the area now in Gombe State, which turn into a distinct state in 1996. The size of Bauchi state is 45,837 square km. It has 20 Local Government Areas.