Nigeria Zip Codes 2018: The Correct Postal Codes Of All Nigerian States

Nigeria Zip Codes: The Correct Postal Codes Of All Nigerian States

Today, we will be talking about Nigerian zip code, do know that ZIP Codes are only used in the United states, while other countries like Nigeria inclusive. The Postal code is used – Nigeria Postal codes. 

In this article, I will be revealing all the Nigerian Zip codes for all states in Nigeria. The code for Nigeria is 00176 to 0000. So, it all #Nigeria zip code #Nigeria Postal codes by states

Nigeria Zip Codes

what is the postal code of Nigeria? Guess the overview of this question have been answered above. The Nigerian zip and postal codes is for same purpose which is for mailing.

The thing is: If you put in a city as your city of residence and enter a Postal code that doesn’t match that city, you will get an error showing it doesn’t match.

So, to help you avoid all this in the nearest future, I have compiled the list of all Nigeria Postal codes.

Locating Nigeria Postal Codes

  • There is a new platform online for searching for all Nigeria Postal codes. Kindly
    Click here to visit the NPS portal.
  • Choose your preferred state and town.
  • And your street. Your specific postal code will be shown to you once you successfully follow this steps.

Nigeria Postal Codes by State

If you have problems using the platform above. Just use the standard postal codes for all Nigerian states given below.
For delivering or mailing purposes, Goods and mails will be delivered to the Post Office at the state capital.

The Complete List of Nigeria Zip Codes by State.

  1. Abuja 900001
  2. Abia 440001
  3. Adamawa 640001
  4. Akwa-Ibom 520001
  5. Anambra 420001
  6. Bauchi 740001
  7. Borno 600001
  8. Delta 320001
  9. Edo 300001
  10. Enugu 400001
  11. Imo 460001
  12. Jigawa 720001
  13. Kano 700001
  14. Kaduna 800001
  15. Katsina 820001
  16. Kebbi 860001
  17. Kogi 260001
  18. Kwara 240001
  19. Lagos (Island) 101001 for What is the postal code for Lagos State Nigeria
  20. Lagos (Mainland)100001
  21. Niger 920001
  22. Ogun 110001
  23. Ondo 340001
  24. Osun 230001
  25. Oyo 200001
  26. Plateau 930001
  27. Rivers 500001
  28. Sokoto 840001
  29. Taraba 660001
  30. Yobe 320001
  31. Ebonyi 840001

USPS Zip Code for Nigeria

If you do come across a form online requesting for your ZIP code, then you need the Nigeria uses postal codes. This happens often with USPS, the United States Postal Service. The United States Postal Service (USPS) has codes for handling deliveries in overseas countries.

The Nigeria USPS zip Code is 00176-0000

When filling an online form and you’re asked to enter in your ZIP code, put in 110001 or 23401.