Top 7 Travel Destinations in Katsina State to Visit Now

Katsina is located in North-West Nigeria and was created out of the old Kaduna State in September 1989. There are many travel destinations in Katsina State. The state was established by Kumayo, and comprises two emirates that categorized the later establishment of the seven Hausa kingdoms such as Daura, Katsina, Zaria, Kano, Rano Gobir, and Biram.

Katsina State has a land mass of about 24,192 square km of land and is bounded on the east by Kano and Jigawa States, in the west by Zamfara State, in the south by Kaduna State, and in the north by the Niger Republic. The state has 34 LGA, and it has two main ethnic groups – Hausa and Fulani of the northern Nigeria.

7 Travel Destinations in Katsina State

The following are the several travel destinations in Katsina State:

  1. Travel Destinations in Katsina State: Gobarau Minaret
    This was built by baked clay and mud over 300 years ago. It is a 50-foot or 15-meters minaret found at the heart of Katsina city. The tower is now a symbol of the city. It was completed in the reign of Sarkin Katsina Muhammadu Korau, which is the first Muslim king of Katsina. It has been used as a central mosque over the centuries. It is an Islamic center for higher education learning and has a very high tower for seeing invading armies.

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  1. Travel Destinations in Katsina State: Katsina Teacher’s College
    This college was constructed in 1921 and it is believed to be the first institution of higher learning in the northern part of Nigeria. It was constructed with red-baked mud and fired clay. It is still one of the travel destinations in Katsina State today and a place that travelers want to visit when they are in Katsina town. It became a Historic Monument on April 23, 1959. Alhaji Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa and Alhaji Sir Ahmadu Bello graduated from this College.
  2. Travel Destinations in Katsina State: Katsina City Gates
    It was built about 900 years ago during when Murabus was the King. The city is surrounded by the Katsina city wall and has seven different gates for easy accessibility. The seven gates of the old city wall continue thrilling guests to the town and something that faraway travelers have heard about and would to see.

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  1. Travel Destinations in Katsina State: Emirs Palaces in Katsina and Daura
    Going back to the early 19th century, the citadels of the Emir of Katsina and the Emir of Daura are travel destinations in Katsina State to behold today. The old architectural designs of the palace structures make them an attraction to many tourists, and numerous tourists can’t do without taking photographs of them or making queries about their history.
  2. Travel Destinations in Katsina State: Jibia Holiday Resort
    If you want to see old rocks and primitive paintings on caves, then the Jibia holiday resort is one of the travel destinations in Katsina to be in Birnin Kudu. The rock paintings signify a story of the early immigrants in the area, and it tells the creative abilities of the early people that initially stayed in the region.
  3. Travel Destinations in Katsina State: Kusugu Well, Daura
    This well is where the huge snake Sarki was slaughtered by the sword by Bayajida in the 10th century because the snake would only let the people of Daura draw water from the well only once a week. The well and the sword that was used to slay the daunting snake is still seen by tourists today.
  4. Travel Destinations in Katsina State: National Museum, Katsina                                                                    This museum was created in 1921 and it was found on the premises of the Old Katsina Training College. It was made a Historical Monument and a national museum in 1989. It houses countless archaeological artifacts from all over the state and all over the northern states of