Top 6 Best SEO Practices in 2019

SEO has always remained a hot topic in the tech community. Web Masters are always looking for different ways for the formation of an effective and proven strategy. It is a time-consuming task to rank your websites. And need considerable effort by the SEO experts to adopt strategies that can make a significant change in the overall ranking. Web Masters are struggling a lot to figure out the unexplored area, where they can get a boost to their website.


  • Marketing Strategy


There is no need to get into a fight for dominance over your competitors but instead find out your trial that can lead you to an unexplored area, to flourish in your respective niche. It is popularly known as “Blue Ocean strategy,” where you can struggle to grab the market rather than competing with your competitors.

It is an essential aspect of SEO. The more the niche is crowded, the more chance to stay aside from getting noticed. If you want to acquire a significant space than look for an area where your competitors are weak or haven’t explored yet.


  • Culling is Essential for Zombie Pages


Zombie page is the real enemy to your website traffic. It is the most worthless pages present over your website. Usually, zombie pages include:

  • Outdated information on your Blog Posts
  • Outdated Product Pages
  • Duplicate or low-quality content
  • If your site has few pages, then it’s not a big deal to exterminate your zombie pages. But if you are running your site for several years and have hundreds of pages, then it will be challenging to look in-depth for worthless pages.


  • Videos Play an Imperative Role in Lead Conversions


As, we all are well aware that Google ranks those pages with high user retention, as the user spends more time on your website, it will be most likely to be ranked by Google. Your user engagement while watching a video will help you to reduce the bounce-back rate. 

The strategy will not only increase your search engine results presence on the first page but can even help you to showcase your product or services for sale conversions as well. According to research conducted at the start of 2019, landing pages with videos are more likely to have conversions in comparison to other websites that lack videos. It will organically reduce your bounce rate, and the user will spend their time on your website. 


  • Backlinks & Reverse Image Search


Reverse image search can boost your website backlinks. You can look for the most ranked pages of your website, and search for images you have used by using Reverse Image Search tool. If any web page is using your images or infographics, you can ask them for credits. And you will be able to create backlinks without spending your money.


  •  Add Voice Search 


It’s not surprising that voice search has become an essential aspect for SEO in 2019. The search patterns of Google shows that more than half of the search is coming from Mobile devices, and more than 25% of searches from mobile apps are voice search. The voice assistants are becoming popular, whether it is Siri, Alexa, or Google voice search. So, in this particular scenario, you need to align your content with voice search patterns. Try to produce long-form content as the search results that appear for voice search was having almost 2500 word count.


  • Enhance User Experience 


User experience plays a crucial role in ranking your website. You have to invest money, time, and energy in maximizing user experience. It will help you out in developing your brand image. Below you will find a short list that can enhance user experience. 

  • Explore the topic in which the user might be interested
  • Produce simple content which can increase user engagement
  • Create a high-quality video that can increase the conversion rate
  • Your website must be cross-browser compatible, responsive and user-friendly
  • Avoid complex site-map
  • Organize your Content 

In 2019, user experience on websites has gained substantial importance. While applying strategies as mentioned earlier, bear in mind that you have to produce quality content that can not only enhance the user experience but along with that, it also helps you out in ranking your page. Put all your efforts to establish your brand’s overall goodwill and make yourself trustworthy and authoritative resource in your niche. And to bring quality to your SEO strategy, always look for alternatives and proven strategies that can rank your website.



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