How To Improve Your Website SEO With Creative Link-Building Techniques In Nigeria

How To Improve Your Website SEO With Creative Link-Building Techniques In Nigeria

There is this priority placed by Google on link-building techniques and the truth is that you will these tools to be able to succeed in the Google business. This is the reason small businesses will have to get creative link-building techniques.

It is increasingly difficult and tough for these small businesses because of the penalties imposed on these tools by Google. SEO is essential to your Google rankings and Google earnings. The success of the SEO, therefore, will depend on the creativity you can bring to your game.

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You can only be successful here if you work on using only creative link-building techniques and escape Google penalties.

We will look at the creative link-building techniques used by successful SEO experts and agencies. You can adapt and refine these techniques for your own use.

Creative Link-Building Techniques For Your SEO

creative link-building techniques

1. Create helpful tools for your industry

You can become a creator of tools other than a user of tools for the industry you operate in. There is always the need for tools that will make life much simpler for the niche or industry that you operate in.

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This is one of the creative link-building techniques and while some of them can be converted into business opportunities, others will end up as just tools that cannot be sold but will be useful nonetheless.

2. The Journalists on Facebook should be targeted

People tend to use press releases to get words out of journalists but this has proved abortive and ineffective over the years. They really don’t work.

The effective alternative is one of the creative link-building techniques and it involves targeting the journalists on Facebook. This can be done with the use of specific ads that target the profiles of the journalists you want to reach.

All you need to do is to aggregate them and pick out their profile Ids and create Ads that promote your blog posts and target them at these specific Facebook profiles.

3. Local sponsorships

One of the creative link-building techniques is to seek local sponsorship. This is peculiar to those who run a business in a specific geographic location. You can get backlinks from businesses and organizations in your location.

Here is an analysis of Jared Carrizales, the founder of Heroic Search. According to him, “one of the ways to do this would be to sponsor events. He typically does this by first performing a backlink analysis of competition and identifying links got through sponsorships –digital and local. Once the right events are identified, it is simply a matter of allocating the appropriate budget. Jared says this is a great way to build links from colleges, local events, and industry conferences”.

4. Build something fun for linking

We make the mistake of thinking that we can only get links by creating tools that are hyper-useful. The truth is that you can earn links by creating tools that are humorous and fun-natured.

The perfect example is what Blue Fountain Media did to earn additional 50 links. According to the company’s corporate communication manager, “the team implemented a playable version of Pac-Man on the website’s 404 page. This took the visitors who landed there by surprise — so much so that a lot of people ended up hyperlinking to the site.”

5. Identifying dead businesses

One of the creative link-building techniques is to identify dead businesses and use their backlinks. This is because many countries are dying while others are being created.

You can identify websites in your industry that are shut down and analyze their backlink profiles. This will identify some links from authority websites that are linking to the dead websites.

At the end of your analysis, you can get these authority sites to replace their links to the dead websites with new ones to your website by emailing them.

 6. Turning copyright violations to linking opportunities

You use people who violate copyright to your advantage. Maybe you operate a business that is prone to copyright violation where your images and videos are shared without permission; you need not border about suing them. Just follow the analysis of what Mark Healey, the director of search at ZOG Digital does.

To him, “instead of threatening these websites with lawsuits, you could turn them into a link-building opportunity. You could identify such opportunities by simply dragging the images you own from the desktop to Google search bar. This action will list out all the websites using your image with or without permission.”

7. Get Involved in Barter services

One of the creative link-building techniques is to get involved in barter services. There is always someone out there who would be interested in the services you offer in exchange for a link. You could always make the trade.