Top 10 Airline Companies In Nigeria: No. 3 Is A Big Surprise

Top 10 Airline Companies In Nigeria: No. 3 Is A Big Surprise

This list of the top 10 airline companies in Nigeria includes both the international airlines in Nigeria, as well as the local or domestic airlines. The Nigerian aviation industry has grown over the past years. These airline companies in Nigeria have greatly contributed positively to the growth of the Nigerian economy. The domestic airlines among the top 10 airline companies in Nigeria have their headquarters here in Nigeria, while the international airlines have their headquarters located in another country. This article combines both the international airlines and the local airlines to give you the very best and complete package.

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Top 10 Airline Companies In Nigeria

  1. Arik Air

 Airline Companies In Nigeria

This is the leading airline company in Nigeria. Arik air operates both international and local airlines in Nigeria. They have their shortfalls no doubt, but when it comes to air travel both within and outside Nigeria, making them one of the few airline companies in Nigeria with wide coverage.

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  1. Aero Contractor

 Airline Companies In Nigeria

This airline company is one of the best local airline companies in Nigeria. Aero Contractor is also one of the oldest airline companies in Nigeria. It was established in 1959 and has maintained a very high and efficient service delivery to her customers in Nigeria.

  1. Air Peace

 Airline Companies In Nigeria

This is another leading domestic airline company in Nigeria. It is quite young in the Nigerian aviation industry but has been at the top of the game since its establishment in 2013. It has satisfied international standards in service delivery. When you talk about the best airline companies in Nigeria, especially local airlines, Air Peace must always come up in the discussion.

  1. Allied Air

This is another local airline operator that has found its ways among the best 10 airline companies in Nigeria. It specializes in the transportation of goods. When it comes to the transportation of cargoes, Allied Air has remained unbeatable. Currently, they have three aircraft in their fleet.

  1. KLM

 Airline Companies In Nigeria

This is one of the leading international airline companies in Nigeria. It is owned by the Dutch government. This international airline has been in operation since 1919. Their customer service delivery is one of a kind, and it has contributed to their flourishing business in air travel services in Nigeria.

  1. Air France

Going by the name, you will agree with me that it is a business establishment of the French government. This airline company has four categories that include: Cargo Fleet, Regional Fleet, Medium-Haul Fleet, and Long-Haul Fleet. Air France international airline company serves many routes across the globe, including Lagos, Nigeria.

  1. Emirates Airline

 Airline Companies In Nigeria

There is no way that you will talk about leading airline companies in Nigeria without mentioning Emirates airline. Their service delivery is second to none. With Emirates, you can have up to nine passengers per booking including adults, children, and infants.

  1. Air Nigeria

Formerly known as Virgin Nigeria, Air Nigeria has been operating in the Nigerian airspace since 2004. They currently operate about 12 different aircraft plying about 19 domestic routes within Nigeria. The parent company for this local airline company in Nigeria is Nikon Group.

  1. Dana Air

 Airline Companies In Nigeria

This local airline company in Nigeria experienced difficult times in the past, but they have got past it and are currently among the best domestic airline companies in Nigeria. They not only ply local routes, they also cover four international routes. They currently boast of six standard aircraft.

  1. British Airways

The last but definitely not the least on the list of the top 10 airline companies in Nigeria is the British Airways. They fly from London to Lagos and Abuja, Nigeria. It is based near London Heathrow airport. They are one of the very few airline companies that offer flights to all the six inhabited continents of the world. They currently operate about 243 airliners.

In Conclusion…

These flourishing airline companies in Nigeria have significantly improved the economy of Nigeria. Aside from the revenues that these airlines generate for the Nigerian government, they have as well employed many Nigerians, and by so doing helped reduce the unemployment rate in the country. I believe that you have actually learned one or two things from this post about airline companies in Nigeria.