Entrepreneur Nigeria Blockchain Award 2018

Entrepreneur Nigeria Blockchain Award 2018

Given the recent trend in entrepreneurship and the place of Blockchain in 2018 in the entrepreneurial plane, we have decided to come up with these awards. Entrepreneur Nigeria Blockchain award features prominent leaders in the Blockchain and cryptocurrency industry.

We have many people that you would want to meet because they have done great things.

Specifically, our Entrepreneur Nigeria Award 2018 has eight categories. Hopefully, we can improve on that in the nearest future.

In the first place is the Blockchain Tech Entrepreneur of the year. We also have the Blockchain Influencer of the year, Blockchain Educationist of the year, Blockchain contributor of the year, Bitcoin Author of the year, Bitcoin Maximalist of the year, Blockchain Startup of the year, and Blockchain Media of the year.

Let us take a look at our awardees and get to meet some of them. I’m certain you will like to meet them.

The List Of Awardees For Entrepreneur Nigeria Blockchain Award 2018

  1. Blockchain Tech Entrepreneur Of The Year (Samuel Benedict Ogbonnaya)

entrepreneur Nigeria blockchain award

This award goes to Samuel Benedict Ogbonnaya. Barr. Dr. Samuel Benedict Ogbonna is the founder and CEO of Satowallet and the lead blockchain developer at Blockchain Tech Hub, A Blockchain solution company set to revolutionize Africa in the emerging Blockchain technology.

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He has to his credit, an impressive performance in one of the world’s fastest-growing Coaching Firm-Wealthy Educate; thus leaving no doubt about his leadership and people skills. He and the team of professionals in coaching, network marketing, and e-commerce solutions have combined over 20 years of collective experience to think ‘out of the box’, an innovative wealth creation opportunity that even the ‘average Joe’ can plug into and have a steady, sustainable income streaming in from the marketing industry, for a lifetime.

You can read his biography here.

  1. Blockchain Influencer Of The Year (Chuta Chimezie)

entrepreneur Nigeria blockchain award

Chuta Chimezie is the winner of this category.

He is the coordinator of Blockchain Nigeria User Group, a group he founded in 2016 to help drive the adoption of Blockchain technology and digital assets by educating and empowering Africa and Africans to take advantage of the innovative power of Blockchain and other cutting-edge innovations.

You can read the Biography of Chuta Chimezie here

  1. Blockchain Educationist Of The Year ( Chris Ani)

entrepreneur Nigeria blockchain award

Chris Ani, The founder, and CEO of CryptoHub wins the category. CryptoHub is placed and poised as the biggest blockchain education platform in Nigeria.

Cryptohub is a world-class platform for Bitcoin, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Trading Education. It’s a place where highly skilled tutors can train students for success in the blockchain industry.

Founded June 1st, 2017, with a mission to drive bitcoin and blockchain adoption and help people create wealth through cryptocurrency.

Currently, Cryptohub has membership presence in 6 countries and growing. You can read about Chris and Cyptohub at Cryptohub.club

  1. Blockchain Contributor Of The Year (Amino Bash)

Amino Bash is the founder and CEO of Havene. He is our winner of the blockchain contributor category of Entrepreneur Nigeria Awards. Bash has featured on TedX Yaba, where he shared deep insights on Blockchain and why it should be adopted.

  1. Bitcoin Author of the Year (Gaius Chibueze)


entrepreneur Nigeria blockchain award

Gaius Chibueze is the author of “How Bitcoin Changed My Life.” the book is a Nigeria best seller on Amazon and so many copies have been sold. He is our winner of this category. Entrepreneur Nigeria Awards recognizes the place of writers in the development of the industry.

You can read about the biography of Gaius Chibueze here

  1. Bitcoin Maximalist Of The Year (Salihu Ayuba)

Entrepreneur Nigeria Awards has found Ayuba Salihu as the strongest believer of Bitcoin. He preaches bitcoin only. He is our Bitcoin Maximalist of the year. He preaches bitcoin as Honey badger.

  1. Blockchain Startup Of The Year (Buchi Okoro)

This award goes to Buchi Okoro, the founder, and CEO of Quidax. This platform is a cryptocurrency exchange platform.

He is currently focused on helping solve the problems of remittances and imbalance flows using cryptocurrencies as leverage. We are insanely excited about how much this can help the poorest population in emerging markets and connect Africa to the rest of the world financially.

You can read more about the winner of this category on quidax.com

  1. Blockchain Media Of The Year (Tony Nwafada)

Tony is the founder and CEO of Crypto TV Plus. This platform is the largest Blockchain TV and Media Platform in Nigeria

Cryptotvplus is an online media agency that focuses on telling the African narrative of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. The aim of this platform is to show that Africa is improving and making giant strides in Blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Read more about Tony and Cryptotvplus at Cryptotvplus.com




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