Top 10 Insurance Companies In Nigeria 2019: Best 10

Top 10 Insurance Companies In Nigeria 2019: Protect Your Business

For all your financial security and protection of your business establishment, these top 10 insurance companies in Nigeria 2018 have got you covered. In life, accidents happen no matter how careful one seems to be. These Nigerian insurance companies are already on top of their game in the industry. In times past, very few people understand the benefits of having their businesses insured. You must make sure to hire a very good insurance broker so that you can get the maximum benefits available from your insurance company. Because many Nigerians are beginning to understand what insurance companies can offer to them, this article is to help them make a very good informed decision when choosing an insurance company in Nigeria.

There are many insurance companies in Nigeria; this has made it very difficult to determine the very best insurance companies at the moment in Nigeria.

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  Criteria For Selecting The Top 10 Insurance Companies In Nigeria 2019

There are many criteria used to determine the best 10 insurance companies in Nigeria at the moment. These criteria include:

  • These insurance companies must have a very good track record. All leading insurance companies must be able to provide information that supports their claim of having the best policies that best suits businesses and individuals.
  • These insurance companies must have a very good reputation. They must be known to the general public and even in other industries.
  • The insurance companies that have made this list have proved their integrity over the years in the industry. This is basically the most important factor for any insurance company to make this list. This is because customers need to be sure that the people insuring their lives and businesses are of high integrity and reliability.

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Top 10 Insurance Companies In Nigeria 2019

  1. AIICO Insurance Plc

When you talk about the top 10 insurance companies in Nigeria 2019, the American International Insurance Company (AIICO) is leading the pack. This is as a result of their very comprehensive insurance services. They have the best policies that make them arguably the highest paying insurance company in Nigeria. At the moment, they operate the largest insurance corporation in Nigeria. They offer life insurance services and a host of many other packages for their customers.

  1. NAICOM Insurance

This insurance company arguably has the best understanding of modern insurance operations. This has set them apart as a leading player in their line of work. NAICOM Insurance has been in operation since 1988 and has been waxing stronger ever since. They have many branches that are located across the country.

  1. FAIR

Federation of Afro-Asian Insurers and Reinsurers (FAIR) has really played a major role in the development of insurance operations in Nigeria. They started operations in Nigeria in 1964. Since then, they have had over 188 insurance and reinsurance organizations within the country. Their integrity and reputation are not in question. There being among the top 10 insurance companies in Nigeria 2019 is no fluke at all.

  1. Custodian Insurance Plc

They are also among the leading insurance companies in Nigeria. They have a very wonderful service delivery policy that has won them their position on this list. This insurance company has been around in the country for a very long time. They have branches all over the country. Pay them a visit and you won’t be disappointed at all.

  1. Lasaco Insurance Plc

When you talk about the big players in the Nigerian insurance industry, Lasaco Insurance Plc is at that top. Having been in the business of insuring businesses for entrepreneurs and businessmen for more than 20 years, they have really made a name for themselves. They have very good and consistent quality service delivery.

  1. Linkage Insurance Plc

When it comes to good service delivery and customer relations, this insurance company is second to none. They have an official share capital that is above N4 billion. As an insurance company, they received their license from NAICOM. Making the list of the top 10 insurance companies in Nigeria 2019 is well deserved for Linkage Insurance Plc.

  1. Oasis Insurance Plc

At the moment, they have a capital base of little over N3 billion. Their capital base proves that they have all it takes to provide their customers with the best insurance services one can get anywhere in Nigeria. Having been listed among the top 10 insurance companies in Nigeria 2019, Oasis Insurance Plc gives you the best services you can think of. They have very good insurance packages that make their clients very pleased to do business with them.

  1. UNIC Insurance

This insurance company provides customers and clients with the opportunity to receive Underwriting Expertise. They are very good at financial reserves security, which makes them the very perfect insurance company for you.

  1. Acen Insurance Company

They are a composite insurer, that is to say, that they issue both life and non-life insurance policies to clients. Being listed among the very best insurance companies in Nigeria is prove that they know what they are doing in the business. They also boast of a very good track record that has helped them in getting new clients and customers.

  1. Adic Insurance

The last but not the least on the list of the top 10 insurance companies in Nigeria 2019 is Adic Insurance. They deal in life, home, and car insurance services. They have also set themselves apart as a trustworthy insurance company in Nigeria.

In Conclusion…

Insuring your business against losses is the best thing that you can do as a businessman or an entrepreneur in Nigeria. The above article will help you to make informed decisions when selecting the insurance company to do business with.

Hope you find the article worth reading and informative?