6 Tourist attractions in Kebbi State for Visitors to enjoy

The State is known as the ‘Land of Equity’. There are tourist attractions in Kebbi State. It is situated in the North-West geopolitical zone of Nigeria with states such as Zamfara, Sokoto, and the Niger Republic surrounding it.

It was formed out of the old Sokoto State on August 27, 1991, by the Ex-Head of State General Ibrahim Babangida administration. The capital of Kebbi State is Birnin Kebbi and it has a population of 3.1 million people.

The state has 21 Local Government Areas: Dandi, Birnin Kebbi, Yauri, Sukaba, Wasugu, Zuru, Danko, Koko-Besse, Bagudo, Suru, Maiyama, Bunza, Arewa, Jega, Gwandu, Argungu, Kalgo, Aliero, Augie, Fakai, and Shanga.

The Tourist attractions in Kebbi State

Here are tourist attractions in Kebbi State

  1. Tourist attractions in Kebbi State: Argungu International Fishing Festival                                                   This fish festival is both a normal attraction in Kebbi State and also a travel destination. The annual event brings people from all over Nigeria and even beyond, and it is a cultural event that’s being done within four days. Which the main aim is to catch fish in the Matan Fada river whereby any fisherman that harvest the biggest fish is rewarded. The fishermen have one hour to catch the biggest fish and almost a thousand men jump into the river with their fishing instruments after the gun signal.

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  1. Tourist attractions in Kebbi State: Uhola Festival
    This is one the tourist attractions in Kebbi State for visitors. The Uhola festival holds annually within the Zuru Emirate. It holds around December/January and it is a 2-3-day lively event of cultural significance. During the yearly celebrations, grown boys are introduced into manhood and matured girls are introduced into womanhood. There are lots of wrestling, art exhibitions, dances, music, and craft displays in Zuru villages.
  2. Tourist attractions in Kebbi State: Karishi Traditional Settlement
    The traditional settlements in Karishi are always a pleasure to witness during visits. Karishi is located in Sakaba local government area of the state. The settlement is very undulating and the people remain largely very traditional. The hill-dwelling people hardly come down for anything and their king or ruler is never seen except once in a year during a specific festival.

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  1. Tourist attractions in Kebbi State: Tomb of Abdullahi Fodio
    Abdullahi Fodio was the sibling of Sheikh Usman Dan Fodio, the prodigious jihadist of the 9th century. At his demise, Abdullahi was buried in Gwandu, in Gwandu LGA, and his grave is a tourist attraction for centuries since then.
  2. Tourist attractions in Kebbi State: Kanta Museum, Argungu
    The Kanta Museum is sited in Argungu and is located close to the main market. It was the Emir’s palace from around 1831 to approximately 1942, but it was changed to a museum in 1958. The museum displays the history of Argungu and its localities and peoples, and it shows the ways of life of the people through crafts and arts among other artifacts.

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  1. Tourist attractions in Kebbi State: Girmache Shrine, Zuru
    The Girmache shrine is situated in Zuru, Zuru local government area of Kebbi State. The shrine is more or less a grove because thick trees and water occupied by crocodiles rule the area, and native people come around to worship and offer sacrifices to the gods of the shrine and present gifts to the crocodiles.