7 tourist attractions in Edo State for you to Visit

Edo is a state that is situated in the south-south part of Nigeria. There are several tourist attractions in Edo State. It is what one of the most influential Africa Empires during the 15th and 16th century.

The Edo people cherish their wealth of civilization and history. The arts of Benin Kingdom are an international brand. Benin artifacts are among the most gorgeous and sought-after in world’s history which denotes the most primitive civilization among black precisely Africans.

Here is a list of some tourist attractions in Edo State to visit

  1. Tourist Attractions in Edo State: The Oba of Benin Palace                                                                                It is situated in the core of Benin city is the Oba of Benin’s Palace. It is one of the most common sites in Edo state. The palace has been around 900 AD. The present edifice was erected in 1914 and is in point of fact one-tenth of the original palace which was devastated by the British Forces. The palace has a collection of local art and crafts and historical pieces.

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  1. Tourist Attractions in Edo State: Somorika Hills                                                                                               The hills are approximately five kilometers northeast of Igarra and 165 kilometers from Benin City. The Somorika hills are a part of the rolling landscape of the Kukuruku Range. The attractiveness of the décor is huge.
  2. Tourist Attractions in Edo State: Ughoton                                                                                                    Ughoton is around 42kms from Benin City, factually very important to the Yoruba and Benin observed by researchers and historians to be the “East” Oduduwa of Yoruba land traveled from.

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  1. Tourist Attractions in Edo State: The tombstone of Captain James Phillip                                                      It is located at Uruokhokho. It marks the spot where Captain Phillip and his party were killed and buried. This was the event that led to the British attack on Benin Empire in 1897.
  2. Tourist Attractions in Edo State: Igun-Eronmwon quarters                                                                              If you love arts, then you should go to the Igun-Eronmwon quarters commonly known as Igun Street. It is home to the brass/bronze casting industries in Benin City.
  3. Tourist Attractions in Edo State: Chief Ogiamen’s House                                                                              The Chief Ogiamen’s house is situated at No. 97, Sakponba Road in Benin City. It is a National Monument located inside the city walls and Moat (another historical monument). It was built about 1130AD with great meaning as the only building that precedes the arrival of Obaship in Benin’s political organization and the only building that endured the 1897 British expedition and siege.

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  1. Tourist Attractions in Edo State: National Museum, Benin City                                                                    You can learn more about the city’s history and values by visiting its museum. This national museum houses various antiques and bronze artwork which originated from the ancient Benin Kingdom.