9 Reasons Why You Should Live in Lekki

9 Reasons Why You Should Live in Lekki

Lekki is being renowned for being the center of the creme de la creme in Lagos City. As a result of this, there are several reasons why you should live in Lekki. Lekki is famous for its luxury real estate. It has grown to be a booming commercial center in Lagos. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about renting a house and working in Lekki.

Lekki lifestyle is both interesting and worthwhile but the same thing doesn’t go with most areas in Lagos. Some people want to settle in one of the estates in Lekki. Some were born and bred there and some others had the privilege to live there and never looked back.

some Reasons why you should live in Lekki

Reasons why you should live in Lekki

Here are some reasons why you should live in Lekki below:

  1. Reasons why you should live in Lekki: Abundant land Many people fail to understand that Lekki is one of the areas in ‘Lasgidi’ where you can acquire a virgin land to develop. If you have an interest in constructing your own home, Lekki is a place to buy a piece of land. You don’t have to go bother yourself with demolishing a building to build yours.
  2. Reasons why you should live in Lekki: New developments                                                                          Lekki has improved planning in terms of structure. A lot of cafeterias and industries are moving to Lekki. They all want to have their branch set up in this booming town that boasts of beautiful infrastructures. One of the reasons why you should live in Lekki is because it’s one of those areas in Lagos state where you can find properties with gyms, fully fitted kitchens, swimming pools, Chafuls, and more amenities.

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  1. Reasons why you should live in Lekki: Security                                                                                                   If security is what you are looking for, then Living in Lekki might be ideal for you. Most of the houses in Lekki have gates. This helps in controlling unwanted accessibility by unknown people. The gates have security personnel, so people can’t just come in and press your doorbell. This alone makes your visitors call your line before coming to your home.
  2. Reasons why you should live in Lekki: Access to a more enhanced lifestyle                                             Lekki makes you live a more advanced lifestyle. Some of these estates in Lekki have clubhouses. They have well-designed play areas, small shops that residents can buy petty household stuff. Living in Lekki can boost your status because it is seen as living in luxury.

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  1. Reasons why you should live in Lekki: Close to the corporate center People stay in Lekki to be nearby to the corporate center such as Ikoyi, Lagos Island, and Victoria Island. Most businesses and offices can be found in these areas. People that work with all these corporations located there want to live close to Lekki. Staying in Lekki helps you avoid traffic. You might be thinking houses for sale on the Lagos Mainland are inexpensive but when you estimate the hours spent in traffic jam and money spent on transport, moving to Lekki might be a better option.
  2. Reasons why you should live in Lekki: Closer to nature                                                                              Lekki has luxury real-estate and beaches. If you are a huge fan of the ocean, residing in Lekki means unequal access to the several private and public beaches found in the Lekki Peninsula in Lagos, Nigeria. People on the Mainland “travel” just to spend time in one of those beaches during the weekend. Elegushi Royal Beach is a popular Lekki beach you can unwind at.
  3. Reasons why you should live in Lekki: Recreational spots                                                                            There are tons of recreational spots in Lekki, where you, your family and friends can relax. Malls, shopping centers, hangout spots, clubs, etc. spring up regularly and create more fun places for people to chill in. If you are one with a love of various fun places to chill at, you need to buy a home in Lekki.

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  1. Reasons why you should live in Lekki: VIP neighbors When You Live in Lekki, you are very certain sure that you are having VIP Neighbours. With top businessmen, musicians, politicians, movie stars, etc. you have the chance to meet and connect with them.
  2. Reasons why you should live in Lekki: Life is just different in Lekki                                                                  Life in Lekki can’t be compared to that of Lagos Mainland. You won’t have to deal with infuriating Danfo drivers, no security personnel will harass you and you get to live like a person in charge in a more civilized and serene environment. Therefore, you have to join the train of property holder in Lekki, and live a chic life on Lagos Island regardless of the flood.