Airline Booking: 5 Best Places to Book Flight Online in Nigeria 2019

Airline Booking: Air ticket, Flight Booking, and Check-in Online

A lot of Nigerian airlines now have online platforms that enable travellers to conveniently handle Airline Booking and other Flight Booking Services online. The services rendered online are easier and more conveniently accessible.

Online airline booking platforms differ in the services they offer. Just as some offer only basic flight booking, others go beyond to allow for online booking and online rescheduling of flights as well as online check-in, e-ticketing and e-payment.

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Top Nigerian airlines like Aero Air, Med-View, Arik Air, Air Peace, Dana Air and First Nation airways all give some level of online airline booking services. Most Nigerian airlines give discounts to travelers that use online Airline booking by purchasing their ticket paying online.

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Here is the full gist about booking cheap flights online in Nigeria.

Booking flights online is easy and thus eases life for travelers. All you need is an internet connection and you can handle most of your flight booking transactions online.

There are transactions supported by good airline booking platforms. They include secure online payment, flight booking, online ticketing (e-ticketing), online check-ins, online flight rescheduling, fares calculation, online flight calculation, flight information, flight schedule, boarding and traveling guide, etc.

Nevertheless, all these flight booking services are not available in online booking and ticketing platform offered by Nigerian airlines.

Also, most do not accept online flight rescheduling and cancellation. Rather, they require that rescheduling and cancellations be made via phone or by visiting their flight ticket office.

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It’s quite easy to book your flight online. Services like Travel Start are available if you want to search for flights to your destination. The beauty is that using a flight comparison service such as TravelStart for bookings makes it able for you to compare prices across different airlines in one place making it very easy to find the best deal.

If you need to make use of the flight booking facility at the site, you can also visit the website of the airline directly.

While it is still possible that few airlines still allow airline bookings but still require you to visit a ticketing office or bank to make payment, majority of these airlines now have online payment facility on their website.

Air Peace, Arik Air, Aero Air are examples of Nigerian airlines that allow online check-in for hand luggage customers.

Nigerian Airlines and Flight Booking

An overview of Nigerian airlines and their booking services.

1. Arik Air Online Booking

They have the best airline booking platform in Nigeria. They also have amongst all the Nigerian-based airlines, the best online flight booking, and ticketing platform.

Arik Air also could be said to have the most attractive airline booking platform which supports transactions such as, secure online payment, e-ticketing print out, online flight booking, fares calculation, viewing of flight schedule, etc. You can also pay with most debit and ATM cards.

They currently do not allow rescheduling and cancellation of flights online. Flight cancellations and rescheduling can only be made via phone or by visiting a local Arik Air office. To know more about Arik Air Booking, visiting the website 

2. Air Peace Booking | Air Peace Online Booking

One of the new entrants in the industry, Air Peace Booking offers an online airline booking platform as good as the competition.

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Apart from online flight booking, Air Peace customers can as well do online flight rescheduling, e-flight ticket, secure online payment, online check-in (for hand-luggage customers) etc.

Air Peace also offers a loyalty program called Peace Advantage where the more they fly, customers can earn points which they can redeem for air travel or other gifts. Read more about Air Peace booking on their website

Air Peace Booking website:

3. Dana Airline Booking

Dana Air online booking and ticketing platform supports similar airline booking services.

They support global e-payment cards like visa, and also local e-payment cards like e-Tranzact and verve (InterSwitch), multiple payment options are always better.

These are transactions supported by the Dana Air online platform: flight rescheduling, online flight cancellation, online flight booking, secure online payment, e-Ticket print out, online check-in, fares calculation, viewing of flight schedule, etc. Read more about Dana Air online booking here:

4. Aero Air Online Booking

Aero Air gives a wide range of online flight booking and ticketing platform.

Booking can also be done through SMS. All these make booking of flights easy and convenient for travelers

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This online platform supports these transactions: InterSwitch or Etranzact, airline booking, online flight rescheduling, e Ticketing, secure payment, online check-in, etc. Payments online can be done through Visa, InterSwitch or Etranzact.

Aero Air ticket voucher can be used to make payment. Discounts are attracted by booking Aero Air flights online ahead of time. More can be read about Aero Air booking.

Aero Airline Booking website:  Online booking of flights is easy and convenient.  Discounts will be offered from airlines for booking and paying for your flights online before hand.

Online airline booking is advantageous, to say the least.  You will be amazed at the subsidized price if you book your travel date ahead of time. Aero Airline Booking website:

Services like TravelStart can be used to compare air fares across multiple airlines.

Prior to flight bookings,  familiarise yourself with the online platform. Although airline booking can be done online, note that, boarding of flight still needs to be done at the airport.

Requirements for boarding flights at the airport are, at least,  an ID card and your ticket info. Confirm with the airline for other requirements.

More documentation is required for international flights. Ensure to be at the airport before time.  Safe travels.