Secure Arik Air Booking Flight and Ticket Online

Secure Arik Air Booking Flight and Ticket Online

Arik air is a foremost airline operating in Nigeria. It has a fleet of airlines totaling 26 short, medium, and long range aircrafts, which when compared to other airlines in the country, make Arik Air one of the airlines with largest fleets of aircrafts. Booking for Arik Air can be done online via Arik Air Booking platform or via TravelStart, which is one of the many flight comparison websites.

Travelers intending to use Arik Air can conveniently book and make payments for their flight tickets via Arik Air online platform. Arik Air also operates about 150 flights every day which operates domestic and international routes. It’s quite easy to book your Arik Air flights.

Arik Air Booking Flight

Book On TravelStart

Arik Air booking can also be done directly on this site. This is powered by Travelstart which is a site for comparing flights and finding subsidized flights online in Africa. You may Click Here to book your Arik Air flight directly on TravelStart. TravelStart is a flight comparison service that can assist you in finding cheap flights online. This is simply done by helping you to compare flight fares across different Airlines.

Book Arik Air Booking flights online on Arik Air Website

Apart from Arik Air, other airlines in Nigeria like Aero airlines as well as Dana Air also offer booking and payment of services online. Also note that payment for Arik Air flights online can be done with most debit and credit cards. There is also an option introduced to the Arik Air booking platform called “Book-on-Hold”. This option enables you to book for a flight on the Arik Air booking platform. It also enables for payments via any Quickteller supported ATM, QuickTeller App as well as any bank branch across the nation.

Booking with Arik Air is stress free

Travelers testify that booking with Arik Air makes life easy. Once there is an internet connection, then you can easily navigate through their website for any of their online flight transactions.

There are variety of transactions supported by Arik Air booking platform. Transactions like secure payment, flight booking, booking management, online ticketing or e-Ticket printout, online check-in, fares calculation, viewing of flight schedule and so on. Currently, cancellation of flights once confirmed online is not supported by Arik Airline. Neither does Arik Air support rescheduling of flights online. But rather, cancellations on Arik Air can be done by visiting a local Arik Air office or it can be done via phone. Note that useful information that will be helpful to intending travelers can also be found on the Arik Air online booking platform.

It is easy to secure your Arik Air online flight ticket. Simply visit their website on and you can conveniently book for Arik Air flights. The booking engine will search for and list flights for the period you choose once you fill-in the book a trip form on the Arik Air booking website. The cost of the flight will also be listed. After completing your booking and payment has been made, your Arik air e-ticket can be gotten as a print-out or via your email.

Arik Air Booking and Flights Destinations

These are a list of airports Arik Air flights operate on thereby covering different routes: Kano, Kaduna, Uyo, Port Harcourt, Benin City, Calabar, Asaba, Ibadan, Owerri, Enugu, Jos etc. Lagos and Abuja operates as the hub.

The airline also reaches 9 air ports in Africa, including Accra, Abidjan, Cotonou, Banjul, Dakar, Johannesburg, Luanda, Douala, Freetown, and Monrovia.

Arik Air also covers about 9 airports across Africa. They cover Monrovia, Freetown, Douala, Luanda, Johannesburg, Dakar, Banjul, Kotonou, Abidjan and Accra. Arik Air also flies to New York JFK and London. Also know that Arik Air boasts of a variety of aircrafts with majority of them brand new. For details of their flight schedule, visit Arik Air flight timetable and route map.

Many Nigerian airlines aside Arik Air have also deployed ecommerce/ICT tools in their business operations. Airlines like AirPeace now offer Airline booking, making things much more convenient for travelers.

Contact Arik Airline today

Though taken over by AMCON, Arik Air flights are expected to operate as before. You can also find from the Arik Air booking website the contacts of authorized agents throughout Nigeria and in other countries where they operate. The contacts of Arik Air offices are also available on the booking website.

If you would like to know more, feel free to call Arik Air customer care on 01 2799999 for your questions and enquiries. Also connect with Arik Air on twitter.

In case you are planning to travel by air, don’t hesitate to check out the Arik Air booking website on

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For a convenient payment today, go for the best. Fly Arik Air!