10 Most Beautiful Cities in Nigeria for people to live in

The most beautiful cities in Nigeria are extensively stretched among the six geopolitical zones that we have in Nigeria. Away from the messy sight that Nigeria has always been decorated by the media, it is the most populated country in Africa. The country has a number of developed cities with magnificent landscapes.

Most beautiful cities in Nigeria

Most Beautiful Cities in Nigeria

These are the list of the most beautiful cities in Nigeria that we can find below:

  1. Beautiful Cities in Nigeria: Lagos City                                                                                                                    It is the main commercial city in the country which is rapidly turning into a megacity with sophisticated buildings and structures continue to emerge daily. This city stands out for excellence and commerce in Nigeria. It is without no iota of doubt the most industrialized state in Nigeria.

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  1. Beautiful Cities in Nigeria: Abuja City                                                                                                              This is the capital of Nigeria with a grandmaster design. It is a beautiful city to visit or live in. It is the nation’s seat of power well thought-out to be a highly commercial destination. Being a developed and well-organized city, it has many leisure centres, shopping malls, and five-star hotels, that are built to world-class standards.
  2. Beautiful Cities in Nigeria: Calabar City                                                                                                           This is a beautiful city that is endowed with a wealthy culture and natural attractions. The city is a key travel destination in Nigeria. Not only is it an attractive city, it is a peaceful city with variety in landscapes. Delicious delicacies, beautiful architectural designs, and festivals are what attracts travelers to the city. Every year, the biggest street party is the Calabar Carnival that is hosted on the street. The festival displays numerous colourful cultural costumes and dance which tourists all over the world participate in.

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  1. Beautiful Cities in Nigeria: Warri City                                                                                                                     It is mainly known for oil production, it is one of the largest cities in Delta state. Tourism, Business, and the presence of oil have had a ripple effect on the city with a lot of attention and growing focus drawn to it. The roads are top-notch as you can drive with your vehicle around the city without bumping into potholes.
  2. Beautiful Cities in Nigeria: Uyo City                                                                                                                     It is found in the state’s capital which is Akwa Ibom. It is the crown of beautiful cities in Southern parts of the country. It is blessed with beautiful environments, unique infrastructures, beautiful hotels and unique cuisines. The city is very cool, serene, calm, and classy one with little or no crime and crisis rate.

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  1. Beautiful Cities in Nigeria: Port-Harcourt City                                                                                                 This can be best described as one of the beautiful cities in Nigeria with luxurious greenery and appealing landscape. The city is loved for several reasons but majorly for its wealth as an outcome of oil, the beautiful city is the abode to many multinational firms, especially those associated with oil and gas. The presence of a seaport has momentously improved the level of commerce in the city.
  2. Beautiful Cities in Nigeria: Kaduna City                                                                                                    Kaduna city is the most beautiful Nigerian city that we have in the northern part of the country. The city is home to Kajuru Castle – built like other European castles, Kajuru is a tourist attraction centre in Nigeria and Africa’s best-kept secret. The city remains to be a major travel destination for audacious tourists. It is the third largest Nigerian city by land mass.
  3. Beautiful Cities in Nigeria: Akure City                                                                                                             The city has a population of over 588,000 people, is the capital city of Ondo State. It became a Millennium City in 2006. Some of the Akure’s major possessions include the existence of several federal universities, immense mineral potential, rocks and beautiful landscapes, cocoa farms, and a deep-sea container port nearby.
  4. Beautiful Cities in Nigeria: Enugu City                                                                                                              The state and the capital bears the same name. It is very beautiful with pleasant topography and beautiful structures. The road network in Enugu is well planned with so many states of the art buildings. It is regarded as the most beautiful city in Igboland with exciting social life.
  5.  Beautiful Cities in Nigeria:  Jos City                                                                                                                      It is commonly known as the city of Fascinating Landscape. The city boasts of a number of attractions including two museums, a wildlife game reserve and wildlife park, breathtaking waterfalls and striking hills and rocks. The city is loved particularly for its weather and serene environment.