Top 10 Reasons to Visit Dubai as a Nigerian

Dubai is a city in United Arab Emirate that has made itself into a leading business and holiday destination. This is one of the reasons to visit Dubai as a Nigerian. People from all over the world visit Dubai. It is a known city that is proud to put its achievement on display and make an atmosphere of pleasure and luxury for visitors.

10 Reasons to Visit Dubai as a Nigerian

Below are the 10 reasons to visit Dubai as a Nigerian:

  1. Reasons to Visit Dubai: Burj Al Arab Hotel
    This Hotel looks like a ship that is filled with wind as it prepares for its journey. It is a known building in Dubai that is set off the coast on an artificial island. At night, the hotel illuminates and stands out against the Dubai skyline.
  2. Reasons to Visit Dubai: Burj Khalifa
    The Burj Khalifa is a building that resembles what is being seen in a science fantasy movie and placed in downtown Dubai. It is the highest building in the world and it is definitely worth sightseeing.

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  1. Reasons to Visit Dubai: Dubai creek The area has been well well-preserved and it displays off its local atmosphere all year round. You can take a trip on the Dubai Creek itself, or you can devote time discovering all of the shops and open-air markets that surround it.
  2. Reasons to Visit Dubai: Jumeirah Beach Walk
    The Walk, as it is known, offers extravagance accommodations side-by-side with the modest pleasures of life. There are luxury hotels, high-end apartment house and numerous miles of beach for you to enjoy The Walk.
  3. Reasons to Visit Dubai: Dubai Mall
    The Dubai Mall is more than a top shopping center in one of the most deluxe cities in the world. It also has world-class attractions such as the Dubai Mall Aquarium to fascinate visitors from all over the world.

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  1. Reasons to Visit Dubai: The Palm Islands
    The Palms Islands are a series of artificial islands that, when seen from the sky, look like a palm tree. They are seeing as the artificial wonders of the world and which is another reason to visit Dubai.
  2. Reasons to Visit Dubai: The Old Gold Souk
    In Dubai, there is a market is called a souk. Which interpret that the Old Gold Souk is the oldest gold market in the city. It is wise that you would want to take home a golden paragon from one of the richest cities.
  3. Reasons to Visit Dubai: Mall of the Emirates
    Another outstanding shopping attraction is the Mall of the Emirates. On top of its high-class stores, the Mall of the Emirates also has snowy ski slants inside that can be as high as 1,300 feet.

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  1. Reasons to Visit Dubai: Bastakia Quarter
    The history of Dubai is thriving and well in the Bastakia Quarter. This is the oldest part of the city and it is a maze of ancient stone buildings that comprises some very nice shops and cafes.
  2. Reasons to Visit Dubai:  Dubai land                                                                                                                Until you have seen and experienced Dubai’s version of an amusement park, you will never believe it. Dubai land has entertainment for the whole family with influences from Hollywood and Bollywood as w