How to Make Money as a Girl in Nigeria

Are you a young girl seeking for ways to make money as a girl in Nigeria? This could be anything from making some extra cash as a student during the break or alongside your studies to making some extra income besides your regular job. Ooops…you might not even have a job, I understand. Whatever the case is, there are several ways that you can make a decent income for yourself in Nigerian as a girl and I am about to show you some of them.

Whether it’s for rent payment, school fees or just “miscellaneous” expenditure, whatever the reason is, this article presents interesting ways you can make some cool cash, as a girl in Nigeria.

The good news is that you don’t need a lot of capital to venture into some of the make-money business ideas I am about to show you today. In this article, I present to you nine (9) different ways of making money that you could choose from in your pursuit towards financial gains in Nigeria.

9 Ways to Make Money as a Girl in Nigeria

(1) Do Agriculture Business

As long as food is in demand, agriculture will always be a gainful source of income to investors. There are a myriad of opportunities you can delve into in the world of agriculture. For instance, you could go into the processing and sales of different types of flour such as yam flour, soya bean flour, bean flour, etc. After processing, you package them properly and sell them to retailers which, of course, are never in short supply.

You could as well go into palm oil sales by buying palm oil in bulk and resell this in smaller quantities to interested buyers. That’s not all. You could also start small-scale fish farming, poultry farming, snail farming, and crop farming to mention a few. All you need is a basic idea of how they work, draw your business plan and get to profitable work.

(2) Become An Hairstylist

That basic hairstyling prowess you have can as well be converted into financial rewards. There will always be the need for hairstylists, wherever you are located in Nigeria. You can start from your neighborhood and expand from there to other parts of the town/city that you live in.

However, for the sake of business continuity and to earn more income, constantly improve your hairstyling skills by going for re-training regularly. Besides, good customer relationship is a highly-priced selling point. So, ensure that your customer service is well spoken of. With time, you could be getting more referrals than you can handle.

The good news is that this business does not compulsorily require a separate piece of land, shop or apartment to start. You could attend to customers in your home or theirs till you have sufficient capital to get a shop and launch the business fully.

(3) Take Up Tutoring

This will be very appealing to you as a girl if you are interested in educating younger ones. If you are confident in your academic prowess, you could approach one of the tutorial centers around and ask to become one of their tutors for students writing terminal/national/transition exams like WASSCE, NECO, GCE, NAPTEB, JAMB and the UTME.

Otherwise, you could choose to take pupils on home lessons. You could do this by talking to the parents of pupils around you. One of many prospecting approaches is to put up an online ad with an online tutorial center and get clients from there. Otherwise, paste adverts physically using printed posters and flyers. While doing this, you could either charge your students per hour or on a per monthly basis whichever method suits you best.

(4) Go Into Childcare Business

You might have working moms around you who are in need of someone to take care of their kids while at work. As a girl, working as a nanny could be very lucrative. Of course, this will be appealing to you if love being with children despite their occasional, ‘interesting episodes”. If you think this might suit you, you may want to go into it.

make money as a girl in Nigeria

Be Happy! Make Money as a Girl in Nigeria

(5) Take Up the Production of Jewelries

As you may already know, beads, hand-bands, necklaces, as well as other hand-made jewelry are an essential part of women’s costume in this part of the globe. All you need is a basic skill on how to produce them and a little capital to get the materials and begin. After the production, you don’t have to go far to get buyers. You could start by advertising the product(s) to family, friends and classmates. Of course, you would make sales and in a matter of weeks, you might be smiling to the bank on repeat.

(6) Do Tailoring Business

Many Nigerian ladies prefer to sew their clothes, rather than buy ready-made clothes. This makes fashion design very lucrative. From aso ebi to simple gowns or uniforms, women often have a reason to need a seamstress. With a sewing machine, some materials and of course some tailoring skills, you’re good to go with this business. With time, you will gain expertise and you could even increase your rates. Just like in many other businesses, you stand a chance of getting multiple referrals to you when you do a nice job.

(7) Go Into Blogging Business

You have heard of Linda Ikeji, right? Yeah, right. Do you feel inclined towards writing and expressing yourself to a growing regular audience? Then blogging provides a means to achieve just that. From story writing to informative write-ups, news, gossips, etc., you’ve got a whole range of contents that you could put up. Earnings through the blog could come from either hosting of proprietary third party adverts like Google Ads, or selling advert spaces directly to private individuals and/or business organizations. You could also gain money by selling your own products through your blog. A free WordPress blog might do, to start with. As you master the art of blogging, you can then buy a domain name to work with. Visit a few blogs to see how they’re structured and begin yours right away.

(8) Go Into Cake Baking Business

As a lady, are you interested in baking, and you have a little know-how on that? Although a lot of other people are also involved in baking cakes, you can beat the market by offering pocket-friendly tasty Cakes with excellent customer service. You can go online to advertise your products or just upload your works on your social media handles to begin with. There are a whole lot of caterers to learn from and so much money to make from this business if you give it a try today.

(9) Do Social Media Marketing Business

With just your phone and internet data, you could work for small businesses who are in need of social media marketers. From social media platforms like Facebook, to Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp and Telegram, the field and opportunities for making money from social media marketing is wide for online marketers. Look out for ads for social media marketers and begin your journey towards financial freedom with this business.



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