Advertising: 4 Unbreakable Rules You Should Apply


Advertising is basically telling people about your business. It is fun and is a proven method of marketing what you have to offer.

But while you are out there telling people about your amazing brand, make sure to not break the following rules:

  • Advertising # Do not put down another person’s business:

    Your advert should be aimed at highlighting the strong points of your brand and not the weaknesses of another person’s brand. Rather than focus on overshadowing your competitors, focus on your own business and tell people why they should do business with you. Don’t tell them why they should not do business with anyone else; if your business is as good as you put it out to be, they’ll figure it out eventually and stick with you. You do not have to pull someone down to rise up. There’s more than enough space at the top.

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  • Advertising # Do not use bad English :

    People want quality. Good English is the first indication that if they patronised your brand they would get quality. This does not mean you cannot use pidgin English, just make sure your English is fluent. Good English also aids communication and thus it ensures that people get the exact message you want to pass on.

  • Advertising # Do not use poor video quality :

    If your advert is done with a video make sure that the video quality is not low. Low quality videos make it hard for people to see what the content is. It also shows that perhaps your brand might not deliver quality products.

  • Advertising # Do not copy :

    Be original with whatever content you are putting out there. Don’t copy what someone else has already done because you are too lazy to come up with something original. What kind of message do you think people will get if they see that you went to hijack the exact thing someone else did? That would be the first indication that your brand or business is a fake. And instead of drawing customers, it will put people off.

The importance of advertisement is that it projects a business to a larger crowd and thus drives sales. If you do it wrong it might just be projecting your flaws to the larger crowd and it will haunt your business image for a long time.

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