Guest Post: How to Become Entorm Contributor

Become a contributor to Entrepreneur Platform

We are accepting high standards and authority writers to become part of Entrepreneur Platform contributors.

On this, you’re welcome to join and become Entorm Contributor if you have insightful contents you would like to share with the 300 thousand readers who visit each month and growing rapidly.

Who are we looking for?

You are likely to be accepted as our contributor if you’re an expert on one or more of the subjects we cover. If you are;

  • An experienced blogger with good knowledge of SEO and digital publishing.
  • Startup/company Founder/Co-founder, CEO, Editor, marketer, etc.
  • Academic professor, venture capitalist, investor, entrepreneur, coporate and non-coporate executive,
  • Attorney, consultant, resource person,
  • Author, professional, Brand influencer.
  • Journalist, Writer, reporter, etc
  • Technologist, and engineer.
  • Student with a strong drive for value addition.

And can write on any of the following topics;

  • Life Hacks – motivation, leadership, advice, strategy, personal finance, etc.
  • Business – Real estate, startups, companies, transport and logistics, retail, media, etc.
  • Growth – all forms of Marketing, Blogging and SEO, networking, etc
  • Lifestyle – Celebrities, Bizarre with respect to Business and enterprise
  • Finance – Banks and Banking, Fintech, Investing, Insurance, Funding, Forex, etc
  • Blockchain – Blockchain, cryptocurrency, master guides, notes and updates
  • Career – Work, productivity, personal development.
  • Technology – Social Media, Internet of things, Security, Software Technology, Hardware technology, tech forecasts, science, etc.
  • Stories: Business, tech, industry, news and top interesting stories that is poised to adding the life of our business community.

Remember, it must be a non-promotional article.

Because we have eyes top notch contents and quality, our contributors provide thoughtful commentary on a range of the topics mentioned. You can also spend time on our website to understand the kind of articles and stories we publish.

What’s next?

If you believe you have what it takes to become an Entorm Contributor, please send a detailed description of

  1. Who you are
  2. Why you’d make an excellent contributor to
  3. What you’d like to write about (Headline of your first post)
  4. A list of 10 or a dozen more headlines for articles you’d like to write, as well as
  5. One of your sample articles (nothing less than 500 words).
  6. Links to other articles you have published in other blogs if any.
  7. How many times you want to write for us.
  8. What you intend to achieve by being a contributor on Entorm.

for your account creation, send;

  1. Your Full name
  2. Proposed username
  3. Email address (Use the email connected to your gravatar account if you have any)
  4. your website
  5. Brief Bio that best tells the world who you are
  6. Attach a headshot photo of you, not more than 400KB


Only do this if you plan to contribute for at least 2 months. We don’t publish one-off op-ed-style articles.

You won’t be approved if you want to publish just once, You might consider making a sponsored post, please see our Advert Page for more details.

There are exceptions for high profile Authors and industry leaders who want to have a platform to write on.

Our Content Quality team will review your submission and get back to you if it’s something we’re interested in posting.

Please know that we have high volume of request on and if after 3-5 working days you didn’t hear from us, please consider it that we did not approve your submission.

For Startup/Companies looking at Building their blogs on, please specify the following details below

  1. Company name
  2. Applicants name
  3. Office address, state/region and Country,
  4. Website name
  5. About your company.
  6. Why you want to have your company blog on
  7. The nature of contents you want to be publishing on
  8. One of your sample articles (nothing less than 500 words).


Note: You company and the content type must fall into the categories of the articles we accept.


If you are approved, we will create a Contributor account for you where you will make your submissions from time to time….