5 Reasons Facebook Ads Are Still Very Relevant Today     

5 Reasons Facebook Ads Are Still Very Relevant Today                                               

When you think of social media advertising, the thing that comes to mind will be Facebook advertising. The platform took social media to the next level. Today, there are many other platforms that you can advertise with but Facebook ads are still very relevant today.

Given, some users will achieve more success on Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Reddit, and other platforms may be as a result of the unique product they have to offer. However, it will be very wrong to assume that more success can always be achieved on those platforms.

As far as we are concerned, FB is still the social media with the largest score. You can argue this to your own detriment.

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When you look at the Facebook relevance score 2018, you will find out it keeps growing despite the growth in competition from other platforms.

Without wasting much time on this as I feel this should be a straightforward matter, let me know if you disagree, we shall look at those reasons Facebook ads are still very relevant today. You will realize that it is not a waste of your time but a required investment.

Let us go there. But before we do that, I hope you realize that it is no longer all free. People pay now to advertise but that has not eliminated the free ads but either way, you will still get across to a certain audience.

Having said that, we shall look at some of the reasons Facebook ads are still very relevant today.

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Top Reasons Facebook Ads Are Very Relevant Today

facebook ads are still very relevant today

  1. Facebook provides the fastest means to reach a large number of people in a very short time

The competition on Facebook is very huge. You may not know this but there over 800 business pages on the platform. That is very huge. Little wonder the Facebook relevance score is quite high.

In 2017, there was an algorithm change that has limited the possibility of your businesses appearing on the newsfeed. Is someone frowning already? This is not actually bad. It made it systematic and your ads can now appear to the right people; the people that can actually relate and engage with whatever content you have put up.

When you now run paid ad campaigns, you will reduce the randomness of your post and make it targeted to the right audience. This is how you can make sales by spending a little amount of money.

  1. Your ad target anything and any group

When this news came out, it became evident that has a huge amount of data on the people that use the platforms. Facebook, therefore, targets the audience that is most interested in whatever you are offering.

It is foolish to keep targeting people who do not even have any idea on what you are offering and expect a good reply at the same time. Your followers and customers and the followers of your competition will be the target. In simple terms, I will say that one of the reasons Facebook ads are still very relevant today is because it targets the required audience.

  1. Access to an unlimited database of information is guaranteed

Many users of Facebook set their posts to the public. Do you realize its implication? Maybe or maybe you have no clue. I will tell you. when peoples’ posts are set to public, it gives you access to learning about them in any way you want. You will understand the products they purchase and how they feel about the products.

Simply put, it gives you an idea into your target customers’ preferences and how they react to certain products. This helps you in the development of your content and in the planning of the right strategy.

  1. There is a higher chance you will reach your target audience

For the other platforms, you are going to see more youths and children on the active side but Facebook is different. Most of the users are adults and youths and whatever you would want to sell will be appreciated most and patronized by adults.

Let’s be very practical here, even if you are targeting a younger population, they will still be reached. Their parents and guardians are the ones that will foot the bill and most of them go through their parents’ walls. This gives you an edge in terms of meeting up with the target population.

  1. Feedback mechanism

This is available in most social media platforms Facebook has taken it a step higher. It developed a Facebook messenger. Facebook has made it easy for your audience to get back to you instantly. Now, if you need to make sales, it will be instantly done. If you need to converse more to get the person to agree to make a commitment to you, the messenger offers you a great platform to get to know your potential client better.




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