5 Factors to Consider Before Moving to a New State in Nigeria

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For most people moving to a new state is a new beginning and most times is fun. You could be relocating to pursue a new career path or even to start a business. Now, there are certain factors that if overlooked would dampen the whole experience of relocating to a new city. To that effect we have put together a sort of ” moving to another state checklist ” so you would take every important detail into consideration.

  1. Moving to a New City # Cost of living

You should know that there is no set standard price for feeding and accommodation for all Nigerian cities or states. So one of the first things to consider when moving to a new city is the cost of living in the said city. Some states are more expensive to live in than others. For example the cost of renting a self contained single room in Lagos is enough to rent a three bedroom flat in Enugu. So before you choose a city to move to, be sure your pocket is big enough to sustain you there. You don’t want to go broke just two weeks after you land in your apartment.

  1. Moving to a new City # Career Path

Your preferred means of earning a livelihood. If you have already chosen a path for yourself then go for a city that is most suitable to that path. For example if you wanted to go for trading businesses then places like Onitsha, Lagos or Aba would be best for you. If you wanted to work on Information Technology then Lagos would be most suitable. Read our article on 8 best cities to start up a Business in Nigeria to get a better understanding of what kind of business to each of the major cities in Nigeria is most suitable for.

  1. Moving to a new City # Population

This should depend on the kind of person you are. If you don’t like noisy and densely packed places, stay away from cities that are overpopulated. It is worth considering because if you choose a city that you do not feel at ease in, your uneasiness might tell on your work or business too. You need an environment that you feel at ease in, and that you love to be able to focus on your work or business and prosper at it.

  1. Moving to a new City # Climate and Weather condition

This is most important for people with medical conditions that can be triggered by certain kind of weather. To be on the safe side, choose a city with a weather that is not too harsh for your condition if you have any. For example the Northern states are always are always too cold during the dry seasons and too hot during the rainy season and as such may not be favourable to a person prone to cold.

  1. Moving to a new City # Predominant religious practice

This also one of the things to consider when moving to a new state. If you are irreligious then it may not matter to you. If you are religious and very actively so, you should consider moving to a state where the predominant religious practice there is the same as the one you subscribe to. For example, a Christian may not be comfortable living in the Northern part of the country seeing as the predominant religious practice in the North is Islam. In essence, if you are a religious person and would want to be and feel free to practice your religion any where you decide to live in, it would be best to choose a city whose predominant religious practice is same as yours.


Picking a city or state to move to should not be done in a rush. You are picking the environment you want to start up a life in and hopefully build a successful career or business in. Don’t rush it.