How to Start School Business In Nigeria

How to Start School Business In Nigeria

Do you have interest in investing in the education sector? If yes, this article will present you with some business ideas and opportunities through which you can earn significant income. One lucrative area you can key into is the School business niche.

As a matter of fact, there are presently around 53 universities in Nigeria which are either government owned or private owned. In addition to that, there are about 250 other tertiary institutions including polytechnics and colleges of education spread across the country.

Also, with secondary and primary schools running to thousands across the country, these figures provide you with an opportunity to earn modest income by investing in services that support this sector of the economy. This article will dwell much on primary and secondary school business.

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How to Tap the School Business Ideas and Opportunities

With a properly conducted feasibility study and a well developed and comprehensive business at hand, I have the strong believe that you have all what it takes to be successful in this business.

Average Cost of Securing a Shop Space

From one location to the other, the cost of acquiring a small shop space in higher institution varies. Using Lagos as an example, a small shop may go for about N2, 000 or more monthly and for bigger shops; it may go for about N3, 500 monthly a free space in Lagos may cost about N1, 000 monthly.

Some business opportunities in the education sector do not require having a space within school campuses. You can use your home as your office or rent a space outside campus for your business.

Joint Ownership

There are situations where two or more persons operate from the same office. Each individual operating from that particular office contributes to the cost of renting the space.

Starting Up A School Business In Nigeria

Basically, owning and managing a school business requires dedication and the zeal to impact knowledge on the younger ones. Running such business comes with its own risk as potential growth of the business is very slow. Investing in education may take different forms. You may decide to run a crèche.

A crèche is a nursery where babies are taken care of during working hours of the day. Crèches allow parents of these young babies go to work and come to pick them up after working hours. Some people do actually nurse fears about crèches these days.

This is because some criminal minded individuals set up this crèche for the purpose of abducting kids. Not to worry, all you need to do is to be open in your dealings and people though that build confidence in you.

Some people may decide to establish a primary or secondary school. In case of the secondary schools, the students are relatively and grown up and may not need very close monitoring like kids from crèche or primary schools. All you need to do is just to go to class and teach.

Here are some tips to assist you in establishing your school business either it is crèche, primary school, secondary school or any other form of school business.

What You Need To Start A School Business

1) Have A Structure In Place:

A very important requirement to be met in the establishment of a school business is to have a structure in place to be occupied by students and employees. It must be a well-ventilated space and must be very conducive for learning. In addition, chairs and tables must be provided to aid learning. Other things like chalks or markers as the case may be, boards, board cleaners and so on must also be provided.

2) Make Sure Your School Business Is Registered And Approved:

For your school business to be legal, it must be registered and approved by government. You need to approach your state ministry of education to get guidelines to follow (on how to get your school or any other educational centre) registered and approved.

3) Advertise Your Business

Now that you have your structure in place and a school that has been registered and approved by government, the next thing to do is to let people know about your new venture. You can create a website or blog, print flyers, advertise on radio and TV just for the public to be aware of the quality education you have to offer in your school.

4) Constitute A Team

You need to constitute a team to help in the day to day activities leading to the establishment of the business. You as the owner of the business cannot be everywhere every time hence the need for helping hands

5) Hire Employees

Evidently, this business cannot be done alone you need to hire staffs. You need to hire qualified teachers to handle different subjects to be taught in the school. If you are establishing a crèche, it would be advisable to hire mothers who are experienced in tending babies.

6) Have A Sick Bay

It is natural for students to fall ill or perhaps suffer some minor injuries while playing. This calls for a sick bay with at least a medical personnel and a well equipped first aid box. This will ensure prompt medical attention to students or pupils who fall ill or suffer minor injuries while playing.