How To Start Elubo Business In Nigeria

How To Start Elubo Business In Nigeria

I will be showing you how you can make money from flour business, called elubo business from your home, for local and commercial consumption and also, make money from it.

Yam flour or elubo is as simple as making pounded yam already made use of yam flour and its serve at homes, parties etc. This made people adopt the style though some people still use mortar and pestle, the food sellers use this to save time and have to avail many people of job in Nigeria.

Yam tuber undergoes some process for it to come out as yam flour. Africans enjoy taking pounded yam but elubo has given them a decent option to consider in place of it. There are two types of Elubo eaten in West Africa, though the organization differs.

elubo business in nigeria

Between Pounded Yam and Elubo

Pounded yam have lesser time span to elubo, pounded yam consumes more time because you start by pilling the yam, wash then boil without any salt. It also involves more energy and sweating which is unhygienic in the process of preparation. Elubo on the other hand just is less difficult and time-consuming.

The Manufacturing/Production technique Process

  1. Buy good quality yam tubers
  2. Wash off the sand on the yam tubers
  3. Peel the yam tubers
  4. Wash the yam tubers
  5. Cut and mash the yam tubers into yam flour (elubo)
  6. Package the entire elubo in a seal.

To get the materials is relatively easy, as they can be gotten in almost every part of this country.

Majority of the Yams in Nigeria are good for elubo supplies and inventory edge machinery, factory, outfits like gloves, nose masks and special shoes. Stable electricity or standby generator.

For elubo production to be successful you need sophisticated types of machinery, types of equipment and expertise. You start by peeling, slicing, washing, drying, milling and then package.

Also, you need water, sieve, weighing machine, milling machine, dryer etc.

Equipment Needed For Elubo Business

Measuring/Weighing scale:

This will help you to make balance and will determine how much you will make if you have done it over time Many people just know how much they will make before even making sales.


It is used to cut the yam into the smaller indivisible particle of an element. Just like atom

Dryer machines:

It is used to dry the parboiled yam in a dryer at a certain temperature degree to get rid of excess liquid.

A Sieve:

A sieve in this case is used to separate the big yam particles of the yam in the miller from the small one, leaving just the powdering form.

Basic requirements For Success Elubo Business in Nigeria

1) Capital:

As low as 50,000 can help start this business bus time goes on you need to hire other hands for you to expand your business.

2) Research:

You need to do some asking about the challenges you may likely face about the business, then where you can get the types of equipment and yam stuffs for cheap prices.

3) Survey:

Here, you need to seek people’s opinion of what they think of the business and services for a period of time, things you need to add and change about your own. This will help you a lot to serve them better.

5) Technical Know-How:

If you don’t have knowledge of this practice, you need to attach yourself to industries to gain necessary knowledge; you will still be paid during the course of your training with them.

6) Advertisement:

Since you intend to offer your service not only for domestic use only but also commercial, you need to advertise your product through different sources such as jingles on radio and TV, also through internet by putting in top blogs. This can create an avenue for you to export it outside the country.

With these in place, you are good to go.