How To Start A Corporate Wellness Program Business In Nigeria

How To Start A Corporate Wellness Program Business In Nigeria

The corporate wellness program business is becoming a booming one. This is because of a couple of reasons. Firstly, it’s less expensive for an employer to pay for an employee’s health and fitness package than to pay for an employee’s health care.

In order to cut cost, it’s economical for employers to patronize the corporate wellness program business. Secondly, top companies and organization are keying into the employee fitness and general wellness packages because they have come to realize that when their employees are in perfect health and fitness state, they can be guaranteed high productivity.

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Though this corporate wellness program business is toughening up and becoming very competitive, you can still create a niche for yourself in the market and be a success. To succeed here, you have to do more of good packaging, marketing and updating your business skills on a regular basis.

In case you are still wondering what you ought to be doing as a corporate wellness program business owner, keep reading.

As a corporate wellness program business owner, you introduce and maintain fitness programs for employees of an organization as long as the contract lasts. You can have as many clients as possible at same time depending on how efficient you can be with allocating your time

If at this point you are still convinced about going into this business, there is just one thing you need to do here. Just stick with this article until the end. In this article, you will be taken through the difference between corporate fitness program and commercial fitness company and also how to start your own corporate wellness program in a successful manner.

3 Difference between Corporate and Commercial Fitness Programs

corporate wellness program business

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  • Clients

In a corporate fitness and wellness business, you will be working with and for organizations and companies, and covering the health and fitness of their employees. While in commercial fitness programs business, you work with and for private individuals from all walks of life.

  • Age Bracket

In a corporate wellness program business, you will most likely be working with people between the ages of 25 to 55 years; this is simply because the normal corporate employee’s age bracket revolves around such. But for commercial fitness programs, you can work with people of any age even teenagers and retired persons, as long as they can afford your services.

  • Organization

In the corporate fitness and wellness niche, you take fitness program to the people; and this will involve sending proposals and presentations for corporate organizations to convince them to use your fitness program. While for commercial fitness programs, the clients come to you; they visit your fitness and gym center to register for their fitness program.

Tips On Starting a Corporate Wellness Program Business

  1. Go for Professional Health and Fitness Training

In a corporate wellness program business, you will be working with top corporate organizations and companies as a corporate wellness program specialist, and you have to provide them with the best services.To step up to this level, you must attend professional health training program. Some schools out there offer professional fitness training program, you can enroll in them. You can also enroll in business management program as an insight of business management is requisite here.

  1. Develop a Business Plan

You Need to develop a business plan to guide your business. The plan should be able to cover issues such as: what your corporate wellness program business will look like; who your major clients will be; how you intend to raise your capital; the structures you need to put in place to run the business; the corporate organizations you wish to work with; and the short-term and long-term goals.

  1. Register Your Company

The corporate wellness program business is a corporate business and must be incorporated. To incorporate, you need to register the business with the corporate affairs commission. This will enable you to obtain a TIN for the business. You can engage the services of a corporate lawyer to help you work it out perfectly and on time.

  1. Develop Your Fitness Packages

This aspect should be included in your business plan. Map out different fitness packages to give organizations the option to select from various options. For instance, you can have a starter pack that will include just basic fitness and wellness activities and health talks once in a month.

  1. Take Your Services to Corporate Organizations

As a corporate business, you only serve the corporate audience. So you need to identify the corporate organizations in your area and take your business to them. You should start by sending business proposals to the corporate organizations in your area through their human resource departments

In your proposal, concisely mention the available health and fitness packages and how the Organization stands to benefit from using your corporate wellness program. On the acceptance of your proposal, you may be required to present to the top executives of the client Organization your fitness and wellness program so as to enable them to make their choice.

3 Tips to Make an Excellent Business Proposal Presentation

  • Preparation

You have to prepare properly so as to enable you to make a powerful presentation. You will always have ample time to make your preparations for the presentation as the client organization’s human resource department will always notify you well ahead of time.Do well to pick a date convenient for you. On that day, a video backup to your presentation can be an added advantage. So do well to make some video using any video package like PowerPoint.

  • Dressing

This business is a corporate business and should go with a corporate dressing. For a male, a white shirt, black suit, black tie and a shiny black shoe should do. While for ladies, a blue or white shirt and a suit is okay. In a case where you will be presenting as a team, ensure that all other people are similarly dressed.

  • Emphasize on the Benefits

As a profit-maximizing organization, your client organization will be most interested in what they stand to gain from subscribing to your package. So, you must not fail to emphasize on the benefits the Organization stands to gain from using your fitness program; and also let them know about the various packages, their price tags and the benefits of each of them. That makes a perfect presentation.

  • Over Deliver

Remember that most of these employees may not have been in any fitness program before then. Owing to this, they will always expect so much from you. So you have to do well by over delivering. This will make them trust you more and can even attract more clients to you.