How To Succeed In Network Marketing In Nigeria

How To Succeed In Network Marketing In Nigeria

Network marketing otherwise known as Multi Level Marketing (MLM) is one of the ways people are making end meets in the harsh reality of the Nigerian economy. It however has so many myths and untruths surrounding it. There is the laziness embedded in a good number of the Nigerian populace. Over the years too, Nigerians have been scammed and duped of their hard earned money by pyramid schemes, ponzi schemes and MLM scams. These have brought negativity to network marketing. The truth remains that just like in the other businesses, if you don’t build up your business links and everything about it, you will fail.

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Every business has its own peculiarities and the keys that unlock success in it. Network marketing deals on referrals and downliners. It thrives on team work. Your understanding of the working concept of the business will enable you become very successful. This article aims at giving you tips that can help you in recruiting and sponsoring your downliners and by extension becoming successful in the business.

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8 Tips That Can Help You Become Successful In Network Marketing In Nigeria

  1. Partner With The Company That Has A Product Or Service You Like:

    Passion is key to surviving in the business of network marketing. Getting people to like a product you have genuine love and interest will be effortless. If agriculture is your area of passion, then it is advisable you partner with companies such as green life and its likes. If you want to help lives and offer humanitarian services, you should pick Helping Hands International. The man that is interested in health and supplements should pick companies such as neolife and its likes. The most important thing here is that you are partnering with a company that covers your area of interest and passion.

  2. Research On The MLM Company You Want To Join:

    Knowledge is widely regarded as power. Arm yourself with knowledge of the company you want to partner with so as to see success. A lot of people are not succeeding in the network marketing industry because they keep doing the wrong things. The truth remains that the fact that you joined a company is not enough for you to succeed in it. Get to know the basics and innovate on how best to go about your business. Time will tell and I’m very confident that it will tell positively.

  3. Focus on Sponsoring People and Not Just Recruiting Them:

    In network marketing, recruitment is the first step of sponsorship. So many stop there. It is not enough to just recruit them. You have to be there to steer them towards success bearing in mind that their success is invariably your success. You have to become a leader so as to lead those you recruited to success. This is the whole essence of sponsorship. You can achieve this if you try and you should try if you want to make it in network marketing.

  4. Be Honest and Don’t Exaggerate:

    Some network marketers are not truthful to the people they want to recruit. The over exaggerate and hype the benefits of partnering with the company just because they want to recruit people. This is wrong as it has the capacity to boomerang. People should not come with unachievable expectations because it leads to people leaving without making it. You won’t make it this way. Try and tell them exactly what to expect. Honesty does not hurt but deceit will crush your downliners.

  5. Have A Good Follow Up Strategy:

    It is not in your interest to pester your contacts on joining your company. However, you can be strategic in following them up without necessarily constituting a nuisance to them. A no at a particular time could mean that they are not ready yet but will be ready someday. You can use Emails, phone calls, text messages and even the social media to follow your contacts. A good follow up strategy can bring up enormous rewards in network marketing.

  6. Don’t Pester People:

    Let us be honest, nobody wants to be pestered about a particular thing. It is irritating and you can lose your family and friends if you keep barraging them about that service or product. Your downliners don’t necessarily have to be your friends and family members. So, give them a break, try to catch others. Your friends and family members will begin to join when they see success being achieved by you in that company. The world is big and contains a lot of individuals that can be recruited. Be wise.

  7. Dare To Be Different:

    There are a lot of people selling the same product as you are. That means that whatever you are telling people about the core working principle of the company you are partnering with may have been told by others. You have to be different to have real success. Sell and share the products sold and shared by other marketers but do it differently. A little innovation can be key to your success. Simply put, you have to just dare to be different.

  8. Master The Art Of Marketing:

    Marketing which involves buying and selling of goods and properties is a great art, master it. Go about it diligently and you will definitely get people to like your products and services and that will definitely get them to partner with you and the company. Identify your target market and use outlets necessary to reach your target market. The social media, website and other outlets can go a long way in bringing your products to the limelight.

You are the architect of your own success and your own failure. Your success is in your hands and how you make it in network marketing is all down to the way you think and act. Therefore, you might want to do that very well. I’m waiting for you to become a great network marketer and indeed for your testimony on how this article helped you. Until then, you should enjoy your life to the fullest and let others in to enjoy their lives.