7 Smart Ways To Become A Business Consultant in Nigeria

7 Smart Ways To  Become A Business Consultant in Nigeria

To become a business consultant in Nigeria is not really a big issue as any fool can parade himself as a business consultant. The real deal however is becoming a business consultant with class. Someone may claim that he has become a business consultant just because he has a degree or academic qualification. It could also be because he has managed one or two businesses in the past.

You don’t want to become an average business consultant who works on average basis. If you are to become a business consultant with class, then you must be willing to do what others are not doing.

It is a fact that businesses need professionals who are seasoned consultants in businesses to provide them with advisory services at different stages of their businesses. People can pay any price provided they get results. If you are dreaming or intending to become a business consultant and you want to make it big, you have to ensure that you have what it takes to make businesses grow.

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When you have gathered the needed academic and professional qualifications and you have had some on-the-job experience, you can consider starting your own business as a business consultant.

You will probably need to do things differently. You are expected to think outside the box. This will open more opportunities to you as a business consultant. Work on your profile because you will need it to be given a better opportunity to prove your worth.

Now we will quickly go through some steps that will guide you to become a business consultant;

How to Become a well Paid Business Consultant

  1. Research about the Business Consulting Trade

Everything you want to do requires that you do a thorough research to be a success in it. To become a business consultant, you will be needed to research on the consulting trade so as to find out everything you need. Take out time to research on the industry to acquire the required information.

You are also expected to underscore all the qualifications and certificates that will give you advantage in the market. Work on how to get these qualifications, the areas you are expected to gather experience from and any relevant associations that you are meant to join. You can as well pick a notable and successful business consultant that you know and study him critically to know how he attained such position.

  1. Get the Required Academic and Professional Qualifications

Now you are done with the research, the next thing you will have to do to become a consultant is to work towards obtaining the requisite qualifications. You should get a degree in any business related field (Business Administration, Business Management and Economics et al) and work on your MBA and if possible, get a Ph.D. You need to get these things so as to command respect in the industry. You can also get other professional certifications.

  1. Get the Required Working Experience

You need to get the requisite working experience if you want to become a business consultant. You should select the industry and roles open to you. This provides you with the chance to gain relevant experience especially if it is in a consulting firm.

When you work with a multinational consulting firm, you stand a better opportunity to build your career. Moving through the ladder gives you added opportunity.

  1. Register Your Business and Obtain the Required Business License

At this stage, I believe you are ready to become a business consultant in Nigeria. You have gotten the necessary degrees and certifications, you can go ahead to register your business with the corporate affairs commission in Nigeria.

More so, you should get your necessary business license and permit. Make the necessary enquiries and obtain them.

  1. Setup Your Office

You need an office to work from if you will become a consultant in Nigeria. Set up an office facility however you can. You can rent a full office if you have the capacity or you share an office space. Put in the basic equipments and you will be good to go. The basic things you will need are office table and office chairs, computer, printer, photocopier, fax machine, telephone and cabin for filing documents.

  1. Print Your Business Card and Prepare Templates of Business Proposals

You must as a matter of fact get your cards ready when you want to become a consultant in Nigeria. It is your marketing tool. Opportunities to launch yourself will always present itself so you have to be ready. Also prepare templates of business proposals. Once you have a workable template, you can customize it to suit your clients.

  1. Market Your Services

The next step you will take is to find your way to becoming known in the business industry. You have to market yourself and your products. You have got to have some solid marketing plans in place.

Make a decision on whether you want to use the internet, or you want to use printed fliers to pull things off. You should also consider intimating folks on what you do by word of mouth. You may also look at attending some networking events that can help you make your business known.


The ground is set and all you need to become a consultant has been stated. You are just going to make the best use of the opportunity available to you. Follow the above tips and I know you will become a huge success.