How to Buy Health Insurance policy in Nigeria

If you have made a choice that paying out of your pocket is no longer the best option and you need a more dependable health insurance policy. That is suitable for you to access.

Nigeria health insurance policy

How you can buy a health insurance policy in Nigeria.

You have to contact the offices of the diverse Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) that we in Nigeria through this link The names and contacts of the diverse healthcare establishments are obtainable on this website. If you are working with a private company or government sector.

You have to find out if your organization has begun making preparation for health insurance for the employees or if there is an already existing health insurance policy contract with an HMO. If you are self-employed, there is a plan for self-employed individuals.

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Details in applying or buying health insurance policy:

  • Your personal data (full name, nationality, age, residential address, gender, occupation, etc.)
  • Type of previous ailments that you once had or your family members for example glaucoma, diabetes, major surgery, asthma, sickle cell, etc. as the case may be.
  • The type of plan you want to enroll. This will enable them to know if you are subscribing alone or you and your family. There are several health insurance policies available which are ranked according to the health services provided.

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  • You should find out everything that is involved in each of the health insurance policy packages before selecting any of them. In order to avoid future problems when you require some health care.
  • The List of eligible dependents which include your spouse and four (4) children under the age of 18 or 21 years depending on the HMO you chose for your insurance.
  • Your passport photographs and those of your dependents should be available for the health insurance policy

There are corporate health insurance policy plans offered by different HMOs. These plans range from immediate health to executive or zenith health (All these terms differ with HMOs). The life of your staffs is very important to the company I guess, so in a case of emergency at work or injury that can be life-threatening at work, the health insurance will help your employee get access to health care instantly because an ambulance will be provided through the health insurance plan which can be obtained for just less than one thousand naira (1000 Naira).

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Before making the decision to buy health insurance policy for your company employees, it is important that you compare plan through insurance and then choose the number of people you want to cater for in your company as well as the right plan that suits your company policy and your employees.