8 Ways to Buy Online Travel Insurance in Nigeria

There are now ways by which someone can buy online travel insurance in Nigeria

online travel insurance in Nigeria

These are the ways of purchasing online travel insurance

  1. Worldwide Insure

Worldwide Insurance offers some of the low-cost worldwide online travel insurance plans that are available on the Internet for Nigerians. If you plan on doing anything unsafe during your trip, you can add a sports rider to which is an adventure on your package. By Visiting their website to get the fee they charge and buy an online travel insurance.

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  1. Visitors Coverage

When you log into the Visitors Coverage website, there’s a short form for you to fill your details and in order to get an online travel insurance quote that will be delivered to your inbox immediately via email. All that you need will be your full name, your passport no and date of birth to complete the application. You can also feel free to call their offices if you wish to give your information over the phone.

  1. Global Travel Insurance

At Global Travel Insurance, you can place an order on a huge variety of different online travel insurance packages. Both solitary and multi-trip on different insurance coverage that is available as well as specific online travel insurance packages for migrants and undergraduates.  Website visitors can buy online travel insurance after filling their details on the short form.

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  1. Overseas Health

Overseas Health is an online travel insurance firm that specializes in providing insurance packages for those that want to enter the Schengen area. This insurance firm has 45 years of experience in providing insurance to foreign travelers. If you are considering a reliable company with good past records. You can visit their website and buy travel insurance online with Foreign Health if you find a plan that is you are convenient with.

  1. InsuBuy

Insubuy’s Save Travels all-inclusive insurance package covers such as health cancellation, interruption, personal belongings theft and damage, emergency evacuation and even official document loss. You can also on sports and first-class baggage coverage if you so wish. Insubuy’s online travel insurance packages were a bit expensive when matched to the other sites that are itemized, but their exceptional customer evaluations made this company a place on our list.

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  1. Bupa Global

Bupa Global’s traveler insurance doesn’t only offers entry to Bupa Global’s health care associates during your voyage, but also before and after your vacation as well. Also, their multilingual backup team can help you negotiate with citizens. if you find yourself in a traffic jam during your trip. They also offer free coverage for tourists from ages two and below. This alone makes Bupa the perfect choice of traveler’s insurance for families.

  1. International Insurance

International Insurance focuses in insurance for people that work abroad for a long period of time. Apart from this, they also offer standard travelers online travel insurance packages as well. They also give special packages for missionaries, non-profits, and students that are traveling in groups.

  1. Travelex Insurance

Travelex Insurance is a worldwide leader in online travel insurance. Their website is well-designed with several options for individuals who want to purchase travel insurance direct. Individuals with pre-existing health conditions can add a rider to their travel insurance plan to obtain full medical coverage while abroad.