10 Tips for growing Your Facebook page In Nigeria business

When once you’ve created your business’s Facebook page. That’s where the real challenge begins; because you have to create engaging contents for your customers.

Facebook page for Nigeria business

10 tips to grow your Facebook page

  1. Knowing your ideal audience

    Facebook has exceptional targeting tools for your Facebook page. It can help you target a precise location, demographic, and interest groups. You have to know what you’re trying to sell first. Once the idea of who your audience is before utilizing the targeting tools Facebook offers.

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  2. Be personable, not just sales

    When you’ve created a Facebook page to increase more customers for your business. Your audience won’t reply well to your product or service with every post because you’re only trying to sell them with every post. Try to be friendly on your Facebook page with your posts. Help your audience feel relaxed with you by sharing more than marketing content.

  3. Do giveaways and contests

    It can be so hard on Facebook to get organic traffic to your Facebook page, but with the help of giveaways and other contests can help. Raffle copter can be used to offer an incentive for liking and following your page. It’s a decent idea to get an audience to distribute your page in order to be eligible for the contest. Be sure the giveaway is related to what you’re selling. You want to appeal to the ideal audience, so don’t give away something that is so random; give away something that the ideal buyer will appreciate.

  4. Create and advertise events

    The Facebook page allows you to create events for Facebook friends. You can invite as many to these events, and pay an additional fee to promote them to a targeted audience on Facebook. Events can be a decent way to engross your audience and turn them into customers.

  5. Share important content from other sources

    This can be time-consuming to generate and share content that is original. You can save some time and energy by curating and sharing related contents from other sources that your audience would also be interested in. Networking with these other sources might profit you in other ways. Some of these sources might help you share your content, which can help you associate your brand with a wider audience.

  6.  Have conversations:

    Don’t just publish a post and forget about your Facebook page for the week. Create and share posts that will entice your audience, and then reply to their comments, queries, and concerns. If you’re having discussions with your audience, they’re more likely to become your customers. 

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  1. Highlight business milestones

    Always recall the good times and have some good time anniversaries by highlighting company milestones like your opening anniversary, your first 1,000 and followers. These can make your audience engage and seem more personable. If you’re offering a unique promotion for any milestones or anniversaries, you can promote them here, as well.

  2. Use tracking and analytics

    Facebook page recommends insights and analytics on how your posts are performing. Take benefit of these statistics to discover out what kind of content is engaging your audience. Regulate your posts giving to what you find to become more engaging, and the strategies that are most successful should be reuse.

  3. Try scheduling your posts

    If you are spending much time on your Facebook page each day, you can arrange your posts. You can do some of this on Facebook itself. You can also use a third-party platform like Buffer to generate and program contents to share in the future. This can save you time in the long run.

  4. Use Facebook ads

    The best way to reach out to your desired audience is by running Facebook ads. This cost money and they’re effective because of Facebook’s audience targeting tools. You can also choose a daily or overall budget for ads. You can also select the amount of time an ad runs and adjust your preferred audience.

    Facebook trails the connections on each promotion you run, which can help you grow very successful campaigns in the future.

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