4 Wonderful Tools For Making The Most Of Local SEO For Your Business In Nigeria

4 Wonderful Tools For Making The Most Of Local SEO For Your Business In Nigeria

This is the 21st century and it has serious implications for businesses. The truth is that a great number of people now use the internet to search for businesses when it comes to products and services. People are becoming very local in their search for products. Therefore, it will be good you upgrade the local SEO for your business.

Local SEO for your business is key to getting buyers from the internet. If you want to have customers getting access to you from the internet, you have to work on your Local SEO.

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It’s important that you get your local SEO strategy absolutely right so that your business scores a consistently high rank on local search engine results pages (SERPs).

Local SEO for your businesses is not really a very easy thing. It is not what everybody can do. Resultantly, you will need to employ experts to do it for you if you are not an expert yourself. More importantly, you have to use some tools to help you get results. The tools help you implement actions that are a part of your local SEO plan.

Here, we have some very important tools that can help your local SEO. Ride with us.

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Tools For Maximising The Use Of Local SEO For Your Business

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  1. Synup

Synup is the first tool we will discuss for Local SEO for your business. It saves a lot of time. That time spent on claiming listings can be used for something more important. The time also spent wondering whether all information is error free and your business profile on every site is accurate can also be reinvested elsewhere.

You don’t need to spend time evaluating each listing manually. Synup does that for you. It helps you crawl, claim and fix listings.

It also gives you a single dashboard for tracking customer reviews so you can keep an eagle eye on what customers are saying about your brand. It’s important to remember that reviews and listings are critical local search ranking factors, so get them right.

  1. Moz Local

Moz local is a very important tool for local SEO for your business. Think SEO, think Moz. The tool ensures that the process of updating listings is stress-free. All you need to do is to share your location information and Moz Local will push this data to reputed online directories and top-tier data aggregators in the business.

The local listing of your business is a crucial part of your local SEO strategy. You can’t afford to go wrong on that. This is where Moz Local comes into use.

  1. Whitespark’s Local Citation Finder

Local citations are needed to increase or improve local search rankings. But it seems like a tough task knowing the local citations since there are a lot of them. The question is usually, how do you search for them and more importantly, how do you know which citation source is a good pick for your business?

Well, it has been simplified by the Location Citation Finder making it an important tool for local SEO for your business.

All you are required to do is enter a key phrase and search for citation sources. It also enables you to identify high-quality citation sources and conduct a competitive analysis of successful businesses in your niche and their citations. This tool makes sure that you don’t take an incorrect step with your listings.

  1. BrightLocal’s Local Search Rank Checker

You need to always monitor your local SEO campaign and its efficacy. This is where the Local Search Rank Checker comes into the picture. It gives you the necessary information on your organic and local rankings on search engines like Google, Google Local/Maps, Bing, Bing Local etc.

With the Local Search Rank Checker, you could even track search results for specific locations, if your objective is to rank for multiple locations. The whole idea behind using this tool is to ensure your campaign and its deliverables are on the right track making it a very interesting tool for local SEO for your business.

If you find the results are not to your liking, initiate course correction immediately. With this tool, there is very little ambiguity (if any) as to whether a local SEO campaign is performing as per expectations.

These four tools discussed above can optimize for your local businesses. You should maximize the use of these tools. Good luck.

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