Cyber Security In Nigeria: Simple And Trusted Steps to Protect your Business from Cyber Attacks

Cyber Security In Nigeria: Simple And Trusted steps to protect your business from cyber attacks

Cyber security in Nigeria is an important aspect of protecting the businesses in the country. It is important for every small, medium and large scale businesses in the country to fortify their cyber security.

The danger attached to your being breached online is so large. It is as large as the problem of Nigeria. You know that the problem of Nigeria is indeed big.

We can talk about the loss of finances, the loss of important information and other unwanted setbacks associated with cyber security breach. You just don’t want it to happen. But unfortunately, it will happen if you don’t do anything about your security.

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For a start, the Nigerian government can copy the United States government on making out time to educate businesses and corporations on the danger of cyber threats and the need to stay safe online.

Let me shock you. As at 2003, the users of worldwide internet were just about 700 million. Fast forward to 2017 people, 4.0 billion people now use the internet. By our estimation, that is more than half of the world population.

Waoh! That is amazing.

The really amazing part is that a good number of people use the internet to hurt other users by attacking their businesses. Unfortunate but true.

As earlier stated, the size of your company is inconsequential here. You can be a victim anytime and any day. In fact, the bigger your company, the higher the threat. The projection is that by 2019, the world would have lost about $2.1 trillion dollars to cyber attacks. That is awesome. You can take few steps to avoid being part of that estimation.

The first you need to know is that there is technology security and cyber coverage that has remained key elements and will remain key elements to cyber security. We are not interested in them here. You have to get them.

The thing is, as far cyber security in Nigeria is concerned, there are simple things you should know and do. These simple steps you have to take in cybersecurity in Nigeria is what I want to share with you.

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The Simple Steps to Protect Your Business from Cyber Attacks

  1. Set strict computer rules

Employees have the tendency to assess online contents if not checked with reckless abandon. Some contents and links are like the Trojan horse used in the Troy war. The moment you open them, you become susceptible to attacks. If you must ensure your cyber security in Nigeria, you must set some rules and regulations.

Educate your employees on the sites and links that are off limit. You have to be strict about these rules. The most volatile is porn sites. They can watch and download porn when they get home. Just be sure to make sure they adhere. It is very important.

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2.Your Password is crucial, protect it

To be able to be fully prepared for cyber security in Nigeria, you have to prioritize your passwords. You and your employees must have strong passwords for your online businesses.

You can make them strong by making them at least 12 characters long. They may complain of being able to remember the password of that length, but relax, take a cup of wine or a bottle of bear and tell them to use simple phrases that they can remember.

They should jostle letters and numbers and they should remember to use separate passwords for their personal accounts as opposed to the business accounts.

Don’t make the job of the bastard trying to hack you any easier. He should sweat it out.

The more critical an account or area of operation, the stronger a password should be. Write down all your passwords and keep them in a safe place, removed from your computer. Consider two-step authentication as another way to secure your account.

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3. Be a skeptical reader

Skepticism is needed if you are going to have a standard cyber security in Nigeria. You don’t have to read everything.

You have to be very careful about the links and attachments you open. Your employees too have to be trained on being suspicious of some unusual links and attachments. They should be familiar with how spam filters work. This will help them protect you from unwanted harmful emails.

4. Hit the save button to backup

Very key your cyber security in Nigeria is your ability to backup files as often as possible. You can achieve this by setting the computers to automatically back up works as often as possible.

Communicate same to your employees and help them protect you from attacks.

  1. Speak up and have cyber insurance coverage

Make sure your employees know that whenever they see something on their computer that seems suspicious they need to contact whoever is responsible for security. Company-wide awareness can help your other employees avoid inadvertently exposing your data.

Whatever steps you’ve planned for your business to protect it against cyber crime, make sure your employees are aware and following the plan on a regular basis.

And should a data breach occur, make sure your business is protected by cyber insurance coverage. Speak with an independent insurance agent to determine the right coverage for your business. Your agent will review your exposure, different coverage options and make the best policy recommendation for you.