5 Possible Ways to Negotiate Your Salary In Nigeria

5 Possible Ways to Negotiate Your Salary In Nigeria

There is the saying by real estate mogul and current president of the United States that everything is negotiable, especially in business and workplace.

So, having this at the back o your mind, you can negotiate your salary no matter the disposition of your boss. The secret is knowing when and how. You don’t just wake up one day and you start demanding a salary increase in your workplace.

Job seekers are also at a crossroad here. They find it very challenging when there to be employer asks the question; how much do you think I should pay for your services?

This article has put together five (5) very important ways to help you negotiate your salary increase in Nigeria.

Everybody deserves to be paid what they are worth, no matter the situation. This article will also help you bring your best to the negotiating table.

Ways To Negotiate Your Salary In Nigeria

  1. Have Good Knowledge Of The Market

Entering into the negotiating room, you must above all things be prepared and be on top of your game so as not to appear weak to your employer(s).

To negotiate your salary in Nigeria, you must prove to your employer that you truly deserve what you are asking for.

Your good knowledge of the market gives you a strong selling point in order to convince your boss that you are worth what you are proposing.

You should know the salary range of professionals with your specific job title.

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  1. Show What You Can Bring To The Table

Your employer(s) will not just believe that you are who you said you are just because you said so.

You must show why you are worth the salary you are negotiating for. Show them your special certifications or courses if you have any.

You must be able to show them that aside from what the job requires, that you have many other things to bring to the table and thus, your reason to have a salary that worth your impact to the establishment. To negotiate your salary in Nigeria, you must have to be above average and surpass the expectation of your employer(s).

  1. Be Ready To Answer Tough And Challenging Questions

Going to the negotiating table, you must know that aside your impressive resume and skills set for the job, your employer(s) will try to knock you off balance with some challenging questions.

Have it at the back of your mind that the negotiating table will not just be a stroll in the park for you. You must be prepared to answer very tough and challenging questions.

To negotiate your salary in Nigeria, you must be on top of the situation in the negotiating room. You must calm your nerve so as to answer those challenging and tough questions.

  1. Make Sure To Practice Your Proposal Before Hand

Many times, job seekers often walk into the negotiating room with little or no practice under their belt. This often makes them lose confidence and freeze under little pressure from their employer(s).

To negotiate your salary in Nigeria, make sure to practice very well your proposal beforehand. You should spend some time rehearsing the proposal as you would in front of your potential employer(s).

Rehearsing your proposal makes you know exactly what you should say and do in the negotiating room. It makes you remain composed and persuasive no matter what because you have seen the situation coming.

  1. Make Sure You Are Confident And Without Fear

You should know that every good negotiation starts with a confident job seeker that has no fear whatsoever. This confidence comes as a result of knowing what you are worth and believing that you deserve the best and nothing but the best.

If you as a job seeker don’t know and believe in what you are worth, there will be little or no confidence in you. At that very point that you lack confidence, fear sets in and it can only get worse from there.

To negotiate your salary in Nigeria, you must be full of confidence and without fear. The potential employer(s) may try to water down your value and worth; it depends solely on you for them to succeed.

If you consciously follow these five tips on how to negotiate your salary in Nigeria, am certain that you will always leave the negotiating room victorious and happy.